Conference Posters

Welcome to our archive of poster presentations! At professional conferences, archaeologists present research findings in several ways, usually through spoken papers and posters.

2018 Posters
In April 2018 we organized a Society for American Archaeology poster session bringing together students and professionals working in the Gila River basin.

Barkwill Love SAA Poster
“The Social History of Mogollon Village: A Bayesian Approach.” By Lori Barkwill Love. Download the PDF here.
Crawley SAA Poster
“Classic Mimbres Archaeology: A Contrastive Study of Two Sites at the Headwaters of the Upper Gila River.” By Andrea Crawley, Fumiyasu Arakawa, Jared Cicchetti, and Garrett Leitermann. Download the pdf here.
Draznin-Nagy SAA 2018 Poster
“Pigment and Clay Variation in Salado Polychrome Ceramics.” By Sophia Draznin-Nagy and Jeffery Clark. Download the PDF here.
Huntley SAA Poster 2018
“Reassessing Agricultural Potential in Chaco Canyon: Exploring the Link Between Soil Salinity and Maize Agriculture.” By Ashley Huntley, Jon-Paul P. McCool, Nicholas P. Dunning, Samantha G. Fladd, and Vernon L. Scarborough. Download the pdf here.
Johnson SAA Poster 2018
“Gaming Pieces in the US Southwest.” By Susannah Johnson and Karen Gust Schollmeyer. Download the pdf here.
Picard and Giomi 2018 SAA Poster
“Analysis of Settlement Patterns Near the Big Burro Mountains.” By Taylor Picard and Evan Giomi. Download the pdf here.
Schaefer SAA 2018 Poster
“Regional and Temporal Variation in Mogollon Ground Stone.” By Jonathan Schaefer and Leslie D. Aragon. Download the pdf here.
Schollmeyer SAA Poster 2018
“Strange Birds: Avian Remains in the Upper Gila and Mimbres Drainages.” By Karen Gust Schollmeyer. Download the pdf here.
Sedig Gilman Creel 2018 SAA Poster
“Similarities and Differences Between Upper Gila and Mimbres River Valley Ceramic Designs.” By Jakob W. Sedig, Patricia A. Gilman, and Darrell Creel. Download the pdf here.
Uzzle SAA 2018 Poster
“Insights into the Salado Phenomenon from the Cliff Valley.” By Stephen L. Uzzle and Karen Gust Schollmeyer. Download the pdf here.
Turnbow and Forrester SAA Poster
“XSX Ranch Ruin: Excavations of a Late Classic Mimbres to Early Post Classic Pueblo in the Upper Gila Forks, New Mexico.” By Christopher A. Turnbow and Robert E. Forrester. Download the pdf here.
2018 SAA Poster York Duncan Valley
“Archaeological survey in Southeastern Arizona: Partnering with Land Owners and Local Informants.” By Mary Whisenhunt, Kristin Corl, John Whisenhunt, Robert J. Hard, John R. Roney, and Toni Laumbach. Download the pdf here.

2017 Posters

In March 2017, we organized a poster session bringing together researchers from the five archaeological field schools currently taking place in the Upper Gila and Mimbres areas.

Arakawa & Lea SAA 2017 Poster
“Salvage Excavation: NMSU Summer Field Project at the South Diamond Creek Pueblo in the Northern Mimbres Region,” By Fumi Arakawa and Trevor Lea. Click to download as a PDF.


Awayda & Aragon SAA 2017 Poster
“Just Beneath the Surface: Unexpected Results from a Disturbed Salado Site,” by Conner Awayda and Leslie Aragon. Click to download as a PDF.


Babala & Reti SAA 2017
“Subconscious Expressions of Identity in Lithic Debitage: Migrant Communities in the American Southwest,” by Peter Babala and Jay S. Reti. Click to download as a PDF.


Barkwill-Love SAA 2017
“Modeling the Introduction of Brown Ware and Red Ware in the Mogollon Early Pithouse Period,” by Lori Barkwill Love. Supplemental dating information is available from Barkwill Love. Click to download as a PDF.


Clark, Dungan and Aragon Poster
“More or Less Coalesced: Salado Settlements in the Upper Gila,” by Jeffery J. Clark, Katherine A. Dungan, and Leslie D. Aragon. Click to download as a PDF.


Cometa & Denoyer SAA 2017
“The Value and Availability of Quality Obsidian at Antelope Creek,” by Kaitlyn Cometa and Allen Denoyer. Click to download as a PDF.


Corl SAA 2017
“Salado Period Occupation and Settlement Patterns in the Duncan/York Valley of the Upper Gila River Region,” by Kristin Corl, Jon Roney, Mary Wisenhunt, and Robert Hard.


Depret Guillaume SAA 2017
“Religion, Violence, and Ethnogenesis in Colonial New Mexico, 1539-1696,” by Patric Depret-Guillaume.


Duran SAA 2017 Poster
“Tool-Stone Procurement Patterns in the Northern Mimbres Region: Analysis of Flaked Stone Debitage and Stone Tools from Twin Pines Village (LA 75947), Catron County, New Mexico,” by Paul A. Duran. Click to download as a PDF.


Romero, Roth, and Creel Poster
“Chasing Tlaloc and Dragonflies in the Mimbres Valley: An Analysis of Ceramic Motif Distributions,” by Danielle M. Romero, Barbara Roth, and Darrell Creel. Click to download as a PDF.


Schollmeyer & MacDonald SAA 2017
“A Natural and Unnatural History of Faunal Change in Southwestern New Mexico since AD 500,” by Karen Gust Schollmeyer and S.O. MacDonald. View image credits here. Click to download as a PDF here.


Sezate SAA 2017 Poster
“Pipe Construction Techniques in the Pre-Columbian Southwest,” by Adam Sezate. Click to download as a PDF.


Whisenhunt SAA 2017 Poster
“Archaeological Site Prospecting in the Upper Gila River Valley, Arizona,” By Mary Whisenhunt. Click to download as a PDF.

2016 Posters

In January 2016, several of our 2015 Preservation Archaeology Field School alumni presented research posters at the 15th Biennial Southwest Symposium. Click on each to expand.

Ballesteros, Naresh, and Clark Poster
“Cultural Coalescence and the Archaeological Record as Seen Through the Salado Phenomenon,” by Alexander Ballesteros (Northern Arizona University), Dushyant Naresh (Vassar College), and Jeffery Clark (Archaeology Southwest). Click to download this poster as a PDF.


Norwood, Russell, Denoyer Poster
“Black Walnuts as a Potential Source of Paint on Roosevelt Redware,” by Alexandra Norwood, Will G. Russell, and Allen Denoyer. Click to download this poster as a PDF.


Pablo, Denoyer, Schollmeyer Poster
“Developing Public Outreach Programs for Urban, Rural, and Descendant Communities,” by Marcy Pablo, Allen Denoyer, and Karen Schollmeyer. Click to download this poster as a PDF.


Shepard and Wright Poster
“Using Non-Invasive Technologies to Identify Multiple Paint Recipes on Hohokam Pottery,” by Lindsay Shepard and Aaron Wright. Click to download this poster as a PDF.


2015 Posters

Read all of the 2015 SAA “New Perspectives on ‘Salado’” session abstracts here (opens as a PDF). This poster session brought together archaeologists from several different institutions to present their perspectives on various aspects of Salado archaeology. It also included several of our former Preservation Archaeology Field School students, thanks to funding from the National Science Foundation’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates program.

Clark and Doelle Salado Poster
“Twenty Years of Salado Research in the Southern Southwest,” by Jeffery J. Clark and William H. Doelle. Click to download this poster as a PDF.


Covert and Aragon Dinwiddie Poster
“True Facts About the Dinwiddie Site: Surprising Results from Limited Testing in a Disturbed Site” by Alexandra Covert and Leslie D. Aragon. Click to download this poster as a PDF.


Duke and Ryan Lithics Poster
“Projectile Point and Biface Production at the Dinwiddie Site, Southwestern New Mexico,” by Riley Duke and Stacy Ryan. Click to download this poster as a PDF.


Forton Ground Stone Poster
“Ground Stone as a Migration Marker: Using Finger-Grooved Manos and Fully Grooved Axe-Heads to Trace Kayenta Influence at Salado Sites,” by Maxwell Forton. Click to download this poster as a PDF.


Jacobs Tonto Basin Poster
“A Local Expression of ‘Salado’ in the Tonto Basin, Arizona,” by David Jacobs, Arleyn W. Simon, Owen Lindauer, Glen E. Rice. Click to download this poster as a PDF.


Laurenzi, Doelle, Peeples Salado Poster
“The Salado Preservation Initiative: Combining Research and Regional Preservation Planning,” by Andy Laurenzi, Matt Peeples, and William Doelle. Click to download this poster as a PDF.


Lyons and Huntley Roosevelt Red Ware
“Temporal and Spatial Variability in Roosevelt Red Ware Painted Decoration,” by Patrick D. Lyons and Deborah L. Huntley. Click to download this poster as a PDF.


Neuzil Salado in Safford Poster
“Renegotiating Identity in a Cultural Crossroads: Salado in the Safford Basin,” by Anna A. Neuzil. Click to download this poster as a PDF.


Stacy Ryan Flaked Stones Poster
“Technology and Typology in the Upper Gila Flaked Stone Artifacts from 3-Up and Fornholt Sites, Mule Creek, New Mexico,” by Stacy L. Ryan. Click to download this poster as a PDF.


Trumbo and Denoyer Experimental Poster
“Experimental Archaeology: Research Oriented Construction of a Southwestern Adobe Pueblo Room,” by Aaron Trumbo and Allen Denoyer. Click to download this poster as a PDF.


Zanotto, Russell, Clark, Ferguson
“Salado Polychrome and (In)organic Paint Variability,” by Hannah Zanotto, Will Russell, Jeffery J. Clark, and Jeffrey R. Ferguson. Click to download this poster as a PDF.

2011 Posters

Douglas Gann Tucson Poster
“Chuk Son to Tucson: Exploring 4000 Years of Human Experience in the Tucson Basin through the Digital Humanities,” by Douglas W. Gann. Click to download this poster as a PDF.