Archaeology Café 2023–2024: Nourishing Body, Soul, and Earth

Savor recent developments in the understanding and practice of North America’s Traditional Foods and Foodways at the 16th season of Archaeology Café. From archaeological evidence of culinary practices to modern-day farming and food sovereignty, there will be something for every palate!

Collaborative Opposition to the SunZia Power Line

On August 4, 2023, Archaeology Southwest, the Tohono O’odham Nation, and the San Carlos Apache Tribe advised the US Bureau of Land Management, via a jointly submitted Notice of Dispute, of its failures to complete the historic property identification and Tribal Consultation processes required to move forward with the SunZia Southwest Transmission Project.

A Model for Tribal Collaboration at Archaeology Southwest

Our recent strategic plan identified an urgent need for this model, which was subsequently (and eloquently) developed by Ashleigh Thompson and Skylar Begay. We’re bringing the precepts of good relationships—including responsibility and reciprocity—to our work and our time together as a staff.

Our Living Land Acknowledgment

We respect the rights and responsibilities of Indigenous Peoples to manage and steward their lands and legacies. We support preservation efforts led by Tribes, and commit to ever-greater inclusion, consultation, and collaboration with Tribal members, communities, and Nations in the study and conservation of their Ancestors’ legacies.

My Genízaro Roots

Guest Author Istara Freedom shares her experience and history in the Preservation Archaeology Blog.

Archaeology Southwest Continues to Oppose Routing of SunZia Transmission Line

In March, we submitted a formal protest to the Bureau of Land Management. The proposed right-of-way imperils the San Pedro Valley.


Archaeology Southwest practices Preservation Archaeology, a holistic, collaborative, and conservation-based approach to exploring and protecting heritage places while honoring their diverse values. We compile archaeological information, make it accessible and understandable, share it with the public and decision-makers, advocate for landscape-scale protection, and steward heritage properties and conservation easements. We are committed to real and ongoing collaboration with Indigenous communities.

Current Magazine

Love of the Gila: Reflections on Millennia of Life in the Southern Southwest

Dedicated to the memory of Juanita Ahill, a Tohono O’odham Elder who mentored Bill in the 1970s. Retiring founder and CEO Bill Doelle offers a special personal edition of the magazine that is his love letter to the southern Southwest.


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