Archaeology Café 2023–2024

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Nourishing Body, Soul, and Earth: Traditional Foods and Foodways

Savor recent developments in the understanding and practice of North America’s Traditional Foods and Foodways at the 2023–2024 season of Archaeology Café. From archaeological evidence of culinary practices to modern-day farming and food sovereignty, there will be something for every palate!

A wide variety of experts from zooarchaeologists to Indigenous dry-farmers will fill your hungry minds with the latest on the past, present, and future of culinary heritage. Come ready to pile your plate high with new knowledge about the social and ecological life of food, from production to preparation to consumption.

Join us at the Archaeology Café “table” the first Tuesday of each month from October through May. All presentations will take place on Zoom, and we have three hybrid events lined up—the December, January, and February meetings—which will be concurrently hosted at the iconic The Loft Cinema in Tucson.

Pull up a chair! We’ll see you there!

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Archaeology Café is made possible by BMO.

2023-2024 Archaeology Café

Banner image courtesy of Stethoscope, via Flickr

This Season’s Cafés

October 3, 2023

Tame or Wild? Emergent Ranching Cultures of Spanish Colonial Pimería Alta

with Nicole Mathwich

Join us on Zoom only!


November 7, 2023

Ancient Domestication of the Four Corners Potato: Archaeology, Sex, and Genetics

with Lisbeth Louderback

Banner image courtesy of Alastair Lee Bitsoi.

Join us on Zoom only!


December 5, 2023

More than Subsistence: How Anishinaabe Traditional Foodways Nourish Culture, Kinship, and Community Wellbeing

with Ashleigh Thompson

Join us in person at the Loft Cinema or on Zoom!


January 9, 2024

Indigenous Agriculture: Planting for Survival

with Michael Kotutwa Johnson

Join us in person at the Loft Cinema or on Zoom!


February 6, 2024

Archaeologies of Foodways and Cuisine

with Sarah Oas

Join us in person at the Loft Cinema or on Zoom!


March 5, 2024

Tres Hornos: Experimental Archaeology of Earthen Ovens

with Jun Sunseri

Join us on Zoom only!


April 2, 2024

A Lifelong Zuni Farmer’s Authority and Influence

with Jim Enote

Join us on Zoom only!

Banner image courtesy of the British Museum.


May 7, 2024

Tasting History: A Hands-on Approach and Revival of Native and Traditional Agave Crops in the Tucson Area

with Jesús García

Join us on Zoom only!