Archaeology Café

Flock to the 2021–2022 Café to learn about

Avian Archaeology

Throughout human history, birds have captivated us.

From ceremony and comestible to clothing and companionship, our winged friends have always held significance in our lives. In the ancient Southwest, as elsewhere, human-avian relationships had important social, ritual, economic, and political dimensions.

Come explore these complex relationships by examining bird remains, feather textiles, painted pottery, petroglyphs, and more, with our guest experts as your guides. You’ll gain greater insight into how the region’s peoples interacted with a variety of different birds—from turkeys to macaws—across centuries. You won’t find that in Peterson, Kaufman, or Sibley!

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October 5, 2021

Ancestral Pueblo Turkey Penning in Perspective

with Cyler Conrad


November 2, 2021

Turkeys in the Mimbres Valley

with Sean Dolan


December 7, 2021

Turkey Feather Blankets in Ancestral Pueblo History

with Bill Lipe and Mary Weahkee


January 4, 2022

Ducks, Power, and the San Juan Basketmakers

with Polly Schaafsma


February 1, 2022

The Importance of Birds in Chaco Canyon

with Katelyn Bishop


March 1, 2022

Birds, Feathers, and Ancient Pueblo Pottery

with Kelley Hays-Gilpin


April 5, 2022

A Rafter of Burials: Sapa’owingeh Turkey Interments

with Rachel Burger


May 3, 2022

Birds of the Sun: Macaws, Parrots, and People

with Christopher W. Schwartz, Patricia A. Gilman, and Stephen Plog