Archaeology Café

From Our House to Yours

The 14th season of Archaeology Café celebrates and shares Archaeology Southwest’s current Preservation Archaeology projects with you. Our staff members will bring you in on what we’re doing right now to learn more about the past and help protect special places.

Load up a plate, grab a drink, and tune in!

What’s the same about this season of Archaeology Café?

We meet just before 6:00 p.m. MST (what time is that compared to where I live?) on the first Tuesday of each month from October through May, with the exception of November. Because of Election Day, we’ll meet the second Tuesday that month, November 10.

Can’t join us live? About a week after each café, we’ll post videos of each presentation to the video archive on our website and to our YouTube channel. We’ll share links on our Facebook and Twitter and in our Southwest Archaeology Today and This Month at Archaeology Southwest email newsletters.

What’s different?

All of our meetings will be via Zoom Webinar. (To learn how to install Zoom, click here.) Preregistration is required before each event, but is free.

Presenters will speak for 30 minutes, and then we’ll turn to questions for another 30 minutes. During the presentation, you can use the question-and-answer tool within Zoom Webinar to ask questions as they come to mind. We will be monitoring the question-and-answer feed during the program, and we’ll tag questions for the presenter to address in the Q & A portion.

We’ve all worked together to compile resources and references you can review and pursue before and after each presentation. Those are shared on each individual café page linked below. And after each café, we’ll add answers to questions we were unable to address during the live program to those pages, as well.

What makes this season’s topics “Preservation Archaeology”?

In each of the eight cafés, we’ll explore and reflect on the broad range of projects and activities encompassed by Preservation Archaeology. As we’ll see through the course of this season of Archaeology Café, Preservation Archaeology is holistic, conservation-based, and collaborative. It is an approach to learning about places and heritage through dynamic new tools and low- or no-impact methods in order to achieve high-impact insights and protections.

Download a printable PDF of this season’s Archaeology Café postcard here.

Archaeology Café is made possible by The Smith Living Trust.

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Space is limited, so register today for our upcoming presentations by clicking the links below:

October 6, 2020

Safford, Ancient Arizona’s Forgotten Cosmopolitan Center

with Jeffery Clark


November 10, 2020

The Flow of Water and Time: Irrigation Longevity and Social Change among the Lower Salt River Hohokam

with Christopher Caseldine


December 1, 2020

Beloved Things: Micaceous Bean Pots and Connections to the Hispanic New Mexican Homeland

with Shannon Cowell and Kelly Jenks


January 5, 2021

Protected Places: Archaeology Southwest’s Conservation Properties and their Emerging Roles in Preservation Archaeology

with John R. Welch


February 2, 2021

Preservation Archaeology’s Role in Responding to Archaeological Resource Crimes

with Stacy Ryan and D.J. “Dusty” Whiting


March 2, 2021

Should We Stay or Should We Go? Farming and Climate Change, 1000–1450 CE

with Karen Schollmeyer and Scott Ingram


April 6, 2021

Just What is cyberSW? The Potential of Massive Databases for Future Preservation Archaeology Research

with Joshua Watts


May 4, 2021

Was Sells Red Pottery a Marker of Tohono O’odham Identity in Late Precontact Times? Archaeological and Ethnographic Perspectives

with Bill Doelle and Samuel Fayuant