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A Model for Tribal Collaboration at Archaeology Southwest

To ensure Tribal engagement and co-creation, we—Archaeology Southwest staff and board—must share power equitably with Indigenous Nations and communities in all we do. Archaeology Southwest cannot consult on terms we set; we must enable co-creation of any terms of engagement with Indigenous Nations and communities.

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Our Living Land Acknowledgment

We affirm that the “American Southwest,” as well as all lands of the “Americas,” have been the homelands of Indigenous Peoples since time immemorial, and that they remain so today. We recognize that archaeology has contributed significantly to the historic and ongoing injustices committed against Indigenous Peoples.

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Tribal Co-Management: What Works Where and How?

We offer a basic rationale, grounded in legal and moral principles, for pursuing Tribal Co-Management (TCM) in conjunction with Tribes’ political and cultural representatives. We then review “ingredients” for TCM, summarize some existing TCM arrangements (mostly in the U.S. Southwest), and identify some impediments to successful TCM. By successful TCM, we mean co-management that involves shared decision making among the parties, as well as mutual and proliferating benefits to the affected people and Territory.

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