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Mimbres Preservation, Pithouses, Pueblos, and Pottery

Archaeology Southwest Magazine Vol. 31, No. 1

Issue editors: Patricia A. Gilman (University of Oklahoma) and Roger Anyon (Pima County Office of Sustainability and Conservation)

ASWM 31-1 Cover

Cover images: Mimbres landscape: Gila National Forest, Glenwood Ranger District. Image courtesy of Gila National Forest. Mimbres Classic Black-on-white bowls: MimPIDD 2669/Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University, 24-15-10/94603 from the Swarts site (left); MimPIDD 4548 from the Mattocks site, Image courtesy of the Mimbres Foundation (center); MimPIDD 2357/Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University, 24-15-10/94677 from the Swarts site (right).

Issue contributors show how preservation intersects with the cutting edges of Mimbres archaeology today.

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Many authors in this issue have chapters in this recent overview:

Nelson, Margaret C., and Michelle Hegmon, editors
2010 Mimbres Lives and Landscapes. SAR Press, New Mexico.

Some of the authors’ names below are linked to their scholarly web pages. Those pages show or link to bibliographies related to the research presented in this issue. Any references specific to or specifically called out in an article are given below.

Mimbres Preservation, Pithouses, Pueblos, and Pottery — Roger Anyon and Patricia A. Gilman

Mimbres Map and Timeline

Mimbres Map and Timeline. Download a PDF version here.

A Closer Look: From a Pothunter’s Paradise to a Leader in Site Protection — Steven A. LeBlanc

In Brief: Mimbres Moved and ShookStephen H. Lekson

Mimbres Culture and Collective Action in the Early Agricultural Period — John Roney, Robert J. Hard, and Christopher A. Turnbow

Archaeology Southwest Magazine Vol. 23, No. 1 — The Latest Research on the Earliest Farmers

More on early agriculture in the Southwest

Archaeology Southwest Magazine Vol. 30, No. 3 — The Archaeology of Sonora

In Brief: Mimbres Social InequalityWill G. Russell

In Brief: Cultural Resource Management in the Mimbres Region — Timothy M. Kearns

Pithouses and Pottery — Roger Anyon and Barbara Roth

A Closer Look: The Plain and the Slipped: Mogollon Early PotteryLori Barkwill Love and Michael D. Pool

A Closer Look: The Bold and the Beautiful: Mogollon Early Painted Pottery — Robert J. Stokes and Jakob W. Sedig

The Mimbres Transitional PhaseJakob W. Sedig

The Mimbres ClassicDarrell Creel, Harry J. Shafer, and Patricia A. Gilman

A Closer Look: Bit Players or Critical Components? — Robert J. Stokes, Aaron R. Woods, and Elizabeth Toney

In Brief: Bioarchaeology in Mimbres ResearchKathryn M. Baustian

A Closer Look: Where Are the Dogs? — Barbara Roth

Food for Thought: To Publish or Not to Publish?

Entry for “Mimbres” by Donna Yates at the traffickingculture.org Encyclopedia

Is All Classic Period Mimbres Really Mogollon? — Stephanie Whittlesey

A Closer Look: Scarlet Macaws in the Mimbres — Patricia A. Gilman and Stephen Plog

Current Research at the Elk Ridge Site — Barbara Roth and Darrell Creel

Elk Ridge Pueblo Excavation and Erosion Control (U.S. Forest Service)

In Brief: Divine Duality: The Mimbres Twins — Marc Thompson

Thompson, Marc, Patricia A. Gilman, and Kristina C. Wyckhoff
2014  The Hero Twins in the Mimbres Region. American Archaeology Magazine 18(2):38–43.

The Mimbres Postclassic PeriodMatthew Taliaferro, Kathryn J. Putsavage, and Karen Gust Schollmeyer

A Closer Look: Mimbres ObsidianSean G. Dolan

In Brief: Mimbres Mogollon and Jornada Mogollon — Myles R. Miller

Fewkes, Jesse Walter
1923  Designs on Prehistoric Pottery from the Mimbres Valley, New Mexico. Smithsonian Miscellaneous
Collections 74(6):1–47.

Preserving Mimbres Pottery—VirtuallyMichelle Hegmon and Darrell Creel


In Brief: Continuing Preservation Efforts and Transformation at Western New Mexico University Museum — Cynthia Ann Bettison

Website of the Western New Mexico University Museum

Using and Preserving Legacy Datasets — Karen Gust Schollmeyer and Michael W. Diehl

Old Town: What Can We Learn from Looted Sites? — Darrell Creel

In Brief: Preservation on Private Land: Observation, Experience, and Opinion — Karl W. Laumbach and Toni S. Laumbach

Website of Human Systems Research, Inc.

Website of New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum

Experiential Preservation Education in the Mimbres Valley — Marilyn Markel

Website of the Mimbres Culture Heritage Site

Preservation Spotlight:

Gila National Forest — Wendy Sutton and Elizabeth Toney

Website of the Gila National Forest

Bureau of Land Management, Las Cruces District Office — Thomas Holcomb

Contact information for this office

New Mexico SiteWatch — Marilyn Markel

Website of New Mexico SiteWatch

Woodrow Ruin — Jakob W. Sedig

“Woodrow Ruin Revealed.” Blog post by Sedig at Preservation Archaeology, August 24, 2015


Back Sight — William H. Doelle

Mimbres Valley sites protected by Archaeology Southwest



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