Who We Are: Staff

Karen Gust Schollmeyer

Karen Schollmeyer grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and earned her undergraduate degree at Stanford University and her Master’s and Doctoral degrees from Arizona State University. She has worked on archaeological projects in the Peruvian highlands, the Ethiopian desert, and throughout the American Southwest.

Karen’s research interests include zooarchaeology, long-term human-environment interactions, and food security and landscape use. She is also interested in how archaeologists’ long-term insights can be applied to contemporary issues in conservation and development. She has done research and fieldwork (including teaching multiple field schools) in southwest New Mexico for 15 years, and is especially interested in the “edges” of the Mimbres-Mogollon area along the Rio Grande and the Upper Gila. She enjoys teaching college-level Anthropology courses in both classroom and field settings. Other recent projects include work on prehistoric hunting sustainability in the Four Corners area, and interdisciplinary archaeology-ecology research across the Southwest with an Arizona State University team.

Karen grew up visiting relatives in Mule Creek, New Mexico, as a child and is happy to return to the area as a director of the Archaeology Southwest–University of Arizona Preservation Archaeology field school.

View Dr. Schollmeyer’s curriculum vitae here.

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