What We Do: Initiatives

We protect endangered sites, landscapes, and artifacts

At Archaeology Southwest, we view cultural landscapes, archaeological sites, artifact collections, and archives as nonrenewable resources. We undertake a broad range of preservation initiatives on behalf of these resources.

We protect places on the land by purchasing sites, acquiring conservation easements, and working directly with landowners. We develop case-specific solutions.

In collaboration with diverse partners, we take action on behalf of significant cultural sites and landscapes. By advocating for the places of our shared past, we empower others to preserve them. We are a proud member of the Friends Grassroots Network, which undertakes advocacy on behalf of National Conservation Lands, which include National Monuments and National Conservation Areas, Wilderness and Wilderness Study Areas, Wild and Scenic Rivers, and National Scenic and Historic Trails.

Protecting places means being prepared when opportunities arise. As such, we participate in priority planning workshops in which information is organized and evaluated and protection strategies are devised.

We preserve archaeological collections and information about them through a variety of strategies. We are a pioneer in the use of digital technology for preservation goals.

One of our newest initiatives is an experiential learning and data-collection program. Archaeology Southwest and its advisory team are developing a Hands-On Archaeology program that will enable volunteers—citizen scientists, if you will—to take part in experimental archaeology research.

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