The Site That Nobody Really Knows (ASW 30-1) (PDF)

Issue editor: John R. Welch

Kinishba, the site that nobody really knows—even though it is among the most extensively excavated, rebuilt, and visited sites in the American Southwest. In 2003, a box of previously unexamined documents came to light, reawakening research on the pueblo and its inhabitants.

28 pages.


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In this issue:

The Site That Nobody Really Knows: Kinishba Reawakened—John R. Welch

Episodes in Kinishba History—John R. Welch

A Dream Deferred: Cummings and the Shaeffers at Kinishba—John R. Welch

The Fateful Box: Excavations at Kinishba after 1939—John R. Welch

Before Kinishba: Two Mogollon Pithouse Villages—Richard Ciolek-Torello and Carl D. Halbirt

What Grasshopper Pueblo Tells Us about Kinishba: An Architectural Perspective—Charles R. Riggs

The Movement of People and Pots—Daniela Triadan

Kinishba’s Pottery Revisited—Patrick D. Lyons

The Kinishba Boundary Survey—John R. Welch, Nicholas C. Laluk, and Mark T. Altaha

Preservation Spotlight: Apache, Hopi, and Zuni Perspectives on Kinishba History and Stewardship—John R. Welch and T. J. Ferguson

Back Sight—William H. Doelle

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