Archaeological Investigations at the Yuma Wash Site and Outlying Settlements, parts 1 & 2 (AP-49) (Hardcopy)

Edited by: Deborah L. Swartz

Contributions by: Jenny L. Adams, Jeffrey P. Charest, Tiffany C. Clark, Chance Copperstone, Michael W. Diehl, Mark D. Elson, Lauren W. Falvey, Susan D. Hall, James M. Heidke, Gary A. Huckleberry, Jennifer Hushour, April Kamp-Whitaker, Eric E. Klucas Carlos P. Lavayén, Michael W. Lindeman, Michael Margolis, Melissa K. Markel, Stacy L. Ryan, Arthur W. Vokes, Henry D. Wallace, Jennifer A. Waters, and CaraMia R. Whitney

The volume is in two parts that are sold together.

1,030 pages, 527 figures, 205 tables

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The project described in this report is located in the northwestern Tucson Basin in the Town of Marana. The project was conducted for the Town of Marana prior to and during improvements to Silverbell Road between Ina Road and Cortaro Road and construction of the adjacent Crossroads at Silverbell Park. Data recovery efforts focused on four sites, three of which were considered loci of the Yuma Wash site, a large Hohokam Classic period (A.D. 1150-1450) village. Only a small portion of the fourth site was within the right-of- way. Additionally, a canal site, also likely dating to the Classic period, was discovered. Excavations at the Yuma Wash site provided new information about site structure, burial practices, and the relationship of this site to other Classic period communities.

Online appendices:


Amag Lengyel, Table 1

Archaeomagnetic Results (PDF)

Binocular and Petrographic Analysis (PDF)

Adams, Table 1

Clark et al., Table 1

Ceramic Illustrations (PDF)

Copperstone et al., Table 1

Copperstone et al., Table 2

Copperstone et al., Table 3

Macrobotanical and Pollen Data (PDF)

Ryan and Brack, Table 1

Ryan and Brack, Table 2

Ryan et al., Table 1

Ryan et al., Table 2

Ryan et al., Table 3

Ryan et al., Table 4

Ryan et al., Table 5

Ryan et al., Table 6

Ryan et al., Table 7

Ryan et al., Table 8

Ryan et al., Table 9

Ryan et al., Table 10

Ryan et al., Table 11

Ryan et al., Table 12

Ryan et al., Table 13

Vokes, Table 1

Wallace, Table 1

Wallace, Table 2

Waters, Table 1

Obsidian Source Provenience (PDF)

Textiles and Basketry (PDF)

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