Pecos Pueblo, a Place of Persistence (ASW 33-3) (Hardcopy)

Pecos Pueblo, a Place of Persistence

Issue editor: Jeremy M. Moss

48 pages

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In this issue:

Pecos Pueblo, a Place of Persistence, Jeremy M. Moss
P`ǽkilâ, Chris Toya
The Upper Pecos Valley: A Good Place to Live, Genevieve N. Head
Pecos Beginnings: The Developmental Period, Jeremy M. Moss
Alfred V. Kidder’s Excavations at Pecos, Jeremy M. Moss
Plains–Pueblo Relations before the Coming of Europeans, Katherine A. Spielmann
Tobacco and Trade: Smoking Pipes from Pecos Pueblo, Kaitlyn E. Davis
The Pueblo Revolt at Pecos Pueblo, Jeremy M. Moss
Comanche Impacts on Pecos Pueblo and Mission, Jeremy M. Moss
Anna O. Shepard’s “Bombshell,” Judith A. Habicht-Mauche
Pottery Trends at Pecos Pueblo, C. Dean Wilson
“Living Archaeology” and the Glaze Ware Pottery of Pecos Pueblo, Eric Blinman
Remote Sensing Archaeological Surveys within Pecos National Historical Park, Charles M. Haecker
Pecos Petroglyphs: Documentation as Preservation, Jake DeGayner, Iraida Rodriguez, and Jeremy M. Moss
Spanish Colonial Construction at Pecos, James E. Ivey
Preserving Pecos Adobe of the 1600s and 1700s, Katherine Scott
Of Wheat Fields and Wheels: Hispano Settlement of the Upper Pecos River Valley in the 1800s, Stephen S. Post
Back Sight, William H. Doelle

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