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Protecting Places for Future Generations

You help to protect more of the past’s special places, including some of the best-preserved rock art sites in the deserts of western Arizona. Gifts from donors like you have helped us purchase and preserve 80 acres of the Gillespie Narrows Petroglyph Complex. Southwest of Phoenix along the Gila River, this stunning site contains culturally and historically valuable archaeology that future generations will now get to study, explore, and appreciate.

As Phoenix continues to grow, its potential to impact places like this grows, too. You understand these threats to the archaeological record, and you make a difference through your generous year-end support.

Thank you for making your gift today! With your continued investment and support, we will keep exploring and protecting special places like these.

By making your gift online, you are helping to support our mission and keep our community safe. In an effort to protect the health and well-being of our staff and community, we are moving most of our operations online. Learn more.

Handprint petroglyphs image by Kirk Astroth. Banner image by Andy Laurenzi