You Can Protect the Southwest’s Wonders

Archaeology Southwest exists because of you. You care about the Southwest’s history and its special places. You want to know more about those places, and you want to know those places are protected for future generations.

Archaeology Southwest works on your behalf to explore and protect the places of our past. Your generous unrestricted year-end gift will help our Preservation Archaeology work continue. Places like Bears Ears need your help now more than ever. Donate today, and together we can protect against the threats to our past’s most special places.

And please consider joining the growing number of people across the country who have set up automatic, monthly gifts to Archaeology Southwest on a credit card. It’s easy to do—just select the Monthly option when filling out the gift form, and we’ll automate everything from our end. Be assured you can stop a monthly giving plan at any time with a quick call or email to our office. Monthly giving is simple, safe, and one of the best ways to easily increase the impact of your support. Thank you!