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Bill and Jeff Icon Archaeology Café: Inclusive Ideologies and Social Mechanisms On March 21, 2017, Bill Doelle and Jeff Clark talked about “Inclusive Ideologies and Social Mechanisms— Two Ancient Examples from along the Gila River,” their latest research endeavor. Launch Video >> 03/21/2017
Lindsay Montgomery Archaeology Café: Ute, Comanche, and Pueblo Interaction in the Northern Rio Grande On March 7, Dr. Lindsay Montgomery (University of Arizona) presented “Ute, Comanche, and Pueblo Interaction in the Northern Rio Grande” Launch Video >> 03/07/2017
Peter Pilles Icon Archaeology Café: Flagstaff’s Ancient Connections In this Archaeology Café video, Peter Pilles explores Flagstaff-area archaeology and what it reveals about connections to other regions of the Southwest. Launch Video >> 02/21/2017
Jim Allison Icon Tea and Archaeology: The Fremont, Ancient Farmers of the Far Northern Southwest On November 13, 2016, James R. Allison presented “The Fremont, Ancient Farmers of the Far Northern Southwest.” Launch Video >> 11/13/2016
Katherine Dungan Archaeology Café: Modeling Chaco Great House Visibility On January 17, 2017, Dr. Katherine Dungan presented “Look on my works, ye mighty: Modeling Chaco Great House Visibility.” Launch Video >> 1/17/2017
Arakawa Icon Archaeology Café: Eastern and Western Perspectives on Archaeology and the Past On December 6, 2016, Dr. Fumi Arakawa (NMSU) presented, “Eastern and Western Perspectives on Archaeology and the Past.” Launch Video >> 12/06/2016
ortman_cafe Archaeology Café: Re-thinking 17th-Century New Mexico On November 15, 2016, Scott Ortman (University of Colorado) discussed how Pueblo people, as active participants in a multicultural world, willingly adopted elements of Spanish culture during the period of Spanish colonization. Launch Video >> 11/15/2016
Michael Mathiowetz Archaeology Café: The Southwest without Paquimé On November 1, 2016 Michael Mathiowetz (Riverside City College) presented “The Southwest without Paquimé: Situating the Casas Grandes Culture in the U.S. Southwest and Postclassic Mesoamerica.” Launch Video >> 11/01/2016
Lyle Balenquah Archaeology Café: Riding the Serpent: The Cultural Relevance of Being a Hopi River Guide On October 18, 2016 Hopi writer, anthropologist, and outdoor guide, Lyle Balenquah, explored Hopi connections to water. Launch Video >> 10/18/2016
Michael Smith Archaeology Café: Cities and Settlements, Past and Present On October 4, 2016 Dr. Michael Smith shared what he and others are learning from their transdisciplinary urbanism project. Launch Video >> 10/4/2016
Lewis Borck -- Icon Tea & Archaeology: Lost Voices Found On April 17, 2016 Dr. Lewis Borck presented “Lost Voices Found: Social Movements and Purposeful Equality in the Ancient Southwest.” Launch Video >> 4/17/2016
Lewis--Icon Archaeology Café: Consent and Dissent in Deep Time On May 3, 2016, Lewis Borck (University of Arizona, Archaeology Southwest), presented “Consent and Dissent in Deep Time.” Launch Video >> 5/03/2016
Michelle Hegmon -- Icon Archaeology Café: Archaeology of the Human Experience On April 19, 2016, Michelle Hegmon (Arizona State University) presented “Archaeology of the Human Experience.” Launch Video >> 4/19/2016
Maren Hopkins -- icon Archaeology Café: Collaborative Research with Native Communities On April 5, 2016, Maren Hopkins (Anthropological Research LLC) presented “Collaborative Research with Native Communities.” Launch Video >> 4/5/2016
Matt Peeples Archaeology Café: The Relationships among Social Interaction, Economics, and Culture On March 15, 2016, Matthew Peeples (Arizona State University) presented “The Relationships among Social Interaction, Economics, and Culture.” Launch Video >> 3/15/2016
Chris Roos Archaeology Café: Fire, Climate, and Society—Past, Present, and Future On March 1, 2016, Christopher Roos (Southern Methodist University) presented “Fire, Climate, and Society—Past, Present, and Future.” Launch Video >> 3/1/2016
Doug Gann -- Icon Archaeology Café: From Data to Digital Humanities Content On February 16, 2016, Douglas Gann (Archaeology Southwest) presented “From Data to Digital Humanities Content.” Launch Video >> 2/16/2016
MAPP Icon Preview: Making Archaeology Public A preview of Arizona’s contribution to the Making Archaeology Public Project, a celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act. Launch Video >> 1/20/2016
Kyle Woodson and Wesley Miles Archaeology Café – Canal Irrigation Studies on the Gila River Indian Community On January 19, 2016, Kyle Woodson and Wesley Miles (Gila River Indian Community) presented “Canal Irrigation Studies on the Gila River Indian Community and Modern Water-Rights Issues.” Launch Video >> 1/19/2016
Jonathan Till -- icon Archaeology Café – Ancient Cultural Landscapes in Southeastern Utah and the Big Questions of Anthropology On December 1, 2015, Jonathan Till shared a significant site in Southeastern Utah and what we can do to protect it and others like it. Launch Video >> 12/1/2015
Aaron Wright Archaeology Café – Exploring and Protecting the Great Bend of the Gila On November 17, 2015, Aaron Wright presented “Exploring and Protecting the Great Bend of the Gila.” Launch Video >> 11/17/2015
Todd Surovell Tea and Archaeology – Mapping People in Their Living Space: The Ethnoarchaeology of Mongolia’s Reindeer Herders In this Tea and Archaeology presentation, Dr. Todd Surovell presents initial results from the Dukha Ethnoarchaeological Project. Launch Video >> 11/15/2015
Katherine Dungan Archaeology Café – Religion and Religious Architecture: A Historical Approach to Interpreting Great Kivas On November 3, 2015, Katherine Dungan presented “Religion and Religious Architecture: A Historical Approach to Interpreting Great Kivas.” Launch Video >> 11/03/2015
Arthur Vokes Archaeology Café: Pan-Regional Exchange Systems and High-Status Goods On October 20, 2015, Arthur Vokes presented “Pan-Regional Exchange Systems and High-Status Goods” Launch Video >> 10/20/2015
Jeff Ferguson Archaeology Café: Big Data and Big Questions On October 6, 2015, Jeffrey Ferguson presented “Big Data and Big Questions: The Archaeometry Laboratory at the University of Missouri Research Reactor.” Launch Video >> 10/06/2015
Robert Breunig Tea and Archaeology: Museums, Native Communities, and New Approaches for Living and Working Together On September 27th, 2015, Dr. Robert Breunig shared highlights from his many collaborations with native communities as President of the Museum of Northern Arizona. Launch Video >> 09/27/2015
doug_icon Tea and Archaeology: Chaco’s Legacy in the Northern Southwest On March 29, 2015, Doug Gann illustrated his digital interpretation work within Chaco, and Paul Reed addressed the oil and gas threats to the region. Launch Video >> 03/29/2015
Wendy Hodgson -- Icon Archaeology Café: Agave Farmers On May 5, 2015, Wendy Hodgson and Dr. Andrew Salywon (Desert Botanical Garden) described several newly named species of agave. Evidence shows that humans domesticated these plants in the past. Launch Video >> 05/05/2015
David Wilcox -- Icon Archaeology Café: The Hilltop Survey, West-Central Arizona, 1988–present On April 28, 2015, Dr. David R. Wilcox shared the results of a long-term survey of defensible ancient places in central Arizona. Launch Video >> 4/28/2015
Pavao-Zuckerman and Thiel Icon Archaeology Café: Recent Work at Southern Arizona’s Guevavi Mission On April 7, 2015, Dr. Barnet Pavao-Zuckerman and J. Homer Thiel shared the latest information from their excavations at Guevavi, an eighteenth-century Spanish mission. Launch Video >> 4/07/2015
Will Russell -- Icon Archaeology Café: Back and Forth On March 17, 2015, Will Russell (Arizona State University) discussed ritual racing and the Perry Mesa Tradition. Launch Video >> 3/17/2015
Lisa Young and Sarah Herr Archaeology Café: When Is a Village? On March 3, 2015, Dr. Lisa C. Young (University of Michigan) and Dr. Sarah A. Herr (Desert Archaeology, Inc.) described what makes a settlement a village. Launch Video >> 3/03/2015
Ron Carlos and Jacob Butler Archaeology Café: Pottery…A Direct Link to Our Past On February 17, 2015, traditional potters and educators Jacob Butler and Ron Carlos (Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community) shared their perspectives on heritage and connecting to the past. Launch Video >> 2/17/2015
Karen and Allen Archaeology Café: The Archaeology of Meat On February 3, 2015, Dr. Karen G. Schollmeyer and Allen Denoyer discussed what animal bones and stone tools can tell us about hunting, butchering, and eating in the distant past. Launch Video >> 2/03/2015
Ballenger -- Icon Archaeology Café: Luke A.F.B. 3300 B.C. On January 20, 2015, Dr. Jesse A. Ballenger (Statistical Research, Inc.) shared a tale of life more than 5,000 years ago in the area that is now Luke Air Force Base. Launch Video >> 1/20/2015
Surovell -- Icon Archaeology Café: When the New World Was Colonized On January 6, 2015, Dr. Todd A. Surovell (University of Wyoming) looks at evidence—material and statistical—of “When the New World Was Colonized” (in the Late Pleistocene). Launch Video >> 1/06/2015
Chuck Adams -- Icon Archaeology Café: Opening a Window into the Past On December 16, 2014, Chuck Adams (Arizona State Museum) shared “Ethnoarchaeology at Hopi: Opening a Window into the Past.” Launch Video >> 12/16/2014
Pat Gilman - icon Archaeology Café: Mimbres, Mesoamerica, and Macaws On December 2, 2014, Dr. Patricia A. Gilman (University of Oklahoma, retired) presented “Mimbres, Mesoamerica, and Macaws,” in which she will examine the ties among the three. Launch Video >> 12/02/2014
Paul Minnis -- Icon Archaeology Café: Chiles and Taste in the Ancient Southwest/Northwest On November 18, 2014, Dr. Paul E. Minnis (University of Oklahoma, retired) shared information about the use of chiles in the distant past. Launch Video >> 11/18/2014
Matt Peeples - Icon Tea and Archaeology: The Zuni Region across the Lost Century In this talk, Dr. Matthew Peeples summarizes several lines of archaeological and biological evidence to explore the origins, timing and consequences of immigration into the Zuni region. Launch Video >> 11/16/2014
Paul Reed -- Icon Archaeology Café: The Chuska Valley Revisited On November 4, 2014, Paul F. Reed discussed recent work in the Chuska Valley of northwestern New Mexico in light of research he undertook more than a decade ago. Launch Video >> 11/04/2014
Jerry Howard -- icon Archaeology Café: How Hohokam Canals Changed My Life On October 21, 2014, Dr. Jerry Howard (Arizona Museum of Natural History) explained how he became the leading expert on irrigation canals built and maintained by the Hohokam people of ancient Arizona. Launch Video >> 10/21/2014
Steve Nash -- icon Archaeology Café: Many Roads to the Truth On October 7, 2014, Dr. Stephen E. Nash presented “Many Roads to the Truth: The Paul Sidney Martin Collections.” Launch Video >> 10/07/2014
Hays-Gilpin -- icon Tea and Archaeology: Ancient Images in Contemporary Hopi Art On September 28, 2014, Kelley Hays-Gilpin explored ancient, historic, and contemporary Hopi art to trace continuities and changes of meaningful expression of Hopi values. Launch Video >> 09/28/2014
2013 In Review -- Icon Archaeology Southwest Video: 2013 In Review Our members and donors are at the core of all that we do. See the ways your gifts made a difference in 2013. Launch Video >> 08/25/2014
Lewis Borck Archaeology Café: Livin’ on the Edge (of Salado) Archaeology Southwest Preservation Fellow Lewis Borck provides an update on his “Edge of Salado” research project, which examines life, community, and resistance on the frontier of an expansive ideology. Launch Video >> 05/06/2014
Arthur Vokes Archaeology Café: Exotic Exchanges Archaeomalacologist Arthur Vokes explained what marine shell and other precious raw materials reveal about the extent and significance of trade in the ancient Southwest. Launch Video >> 04/08/2014
Jim Vint Archaeology Café: Early Agriculture in the Southwest Jim Vint explains what new discoveries from the Santa Cruz River valley are revealing about early agriculture in the southern Southwest. Launch Video >> 03/18/2014
Peggy Nelson Archaeology Café: The Lives of People and Houses On March 4, 2014, Peggy Nelson discussed the archaeology of the ancient Mimbres. Launch Video >> 03/04/2014
Kate Spielmann Cafe Archaeology Café: Is Agave an Artifact? & Making Culture on Perry Mesa On Tuesday, February 18, 2014, Kate Spielmann presented on two fascinating topics exploring the roots of the agave plant on Perry Mesa, as well as culture-making on Perry Mesa from the late 1200s to the early 1300s. Launch Video >> 02/18/2014
Bill Doelle and Homer Thiel Archaeology Café: Rio Nuevo Archaeology On Tuesday, February 4, 2014, Bill Doelle and Homer Thiel of Desert Archaeology, Inc. explored what we have learned about Tucson’s history from archaeology projects in the Rio Nuevo district. Launch Video >> 02/04/2014
Barbara Mills Archaeology Café: Current Debates in Southwestern Archaeology On January 21, 2014, Barbara Mills reviewed current debates in southwestern archaeology. Launch Video >> 01/21/2014
Suzanne Eckert and Patrick Lyons Archaeology Café: Southwestern Potters and Gender On January 14, 2014, ceramics experts Patrick Lyons and Suzanne Eckert discuss what we do and don’t know about who was making pots in the Southwest’s distant past. Launch Video >> 01/14/2014
Preservation Archaeology Field School 2013 Preservation Archaeology Field School: Public Outreach The 2013 Preservation Archaeology Field School students and staff, along with nearby community members in southwestern New Mexico, discuss the benefits of public outreach. Launch Video >> 01/23/2014
Stephen Lekson Archaeology Café: What Was Chaco, Really? On December 17, 2013, Steve Lekson shared his insights into Chaco Canyon. Launch Video >> 12/17/2013
T.J. Ferguson Archaeology Café: Collaboration with Descendant Communities On December 3, 2013, T. J. Ferguson drew upon his personal experiences to illustrate how direct collaboration between archaeologists and Native Americans has developed since the mid-1970s. Launch Video >> 12/03/2013
Mark Hackbarth Archaeology Café: The First Phoenix Cemetery—and More! On Tuesday, November 19, 2013, Mark Hackbarth shared “The First Phoenix Cemetery—and More!” Launch Video >> 11/19/2013
Henry Wallace Tea and Archaeology: Ballcourt Societies and the Re-creation of Hohokam in the 8th and 9th Centuries A.D. Henry Wallace explores how the widespread, ethnically diverse Hohokam Culture of the Sonoran Desert completely transformed around A.D. 800. Launch Video >> 11/17/2013
Chuck Adams Archaeology Café – 3,000 Years of Migration: Rock Art Ranch to Homol’ovi E. Charles (Chuck) Adams shared a big-picture view informed by his decades of research in northeastern Arizona as he considered population movement over a period of about 3,000 years. Launch Video >> 11/05/2013
Josh Watts Archaeology Café: Traces of the Individual in the Distant Past Joshua Watts presents “Traces of the Individual in the Distant Past: Projectile Points, Experimental Archaeology, and Ancient Craftsmen.” Please be advised that the video ends before the end of the presentation. Launch Video >> 10/15/2013
David Doyel Archaeology Café: Archaeology in the Great Bend of the Gila David Doyel shares his expert perspective on archaeology in the Great Bend of the Gila, an enduring cultural crossroads that may become a national monument. Please be advised that the video ends before the end of the presentation. Launch Video >> 10/01/2013
Barnet Pavao-Zuckerman Tea and Archaeology: Missions, Ranching, Rendering in the Pimería Alta Barnet Pavao-Zuckerman discusses zooarchaeological research from several missions in the Pimería Alta, demonstrating from this evidence the importance of ranching and the production of animal products. Launch Video >> 09/29/2013
Richard Flint Archaeology Southwest Video: Where Pen Meets Trowel Richard Flint shares his insights into the disciplinary differences between archaeology and history. Launch Video >> 07/23/2013
Heritage Southwest Database Archaeology Southwest Video: Social Networks and Population Density in the Late Precontact Southwest Matt Peeples narrates this video supplement to Archaeology Southwest Magazine Vol. 27, No. 2 (Spring 2013): Social Networks in the Distant Past. Launch Video >> 07/05/2013
Ben Nelson Archaeology Café – Connecting the American Southwest and Mesoamerica: A Ritual Economy Ben Nelson provides a big-picture look at relationships between the two regions in the past. He also discussed his investigations at the site of La Quemada. Launch Video >> 05/07/2013
Karen Gust Schollmeyer Archaeology Café: Animal Bones and the Archaeology of Human-Environment Interactions Karen Gust Schollmeyer discusses long-term patterns in archaeological animal bone deposits in the U.S. Southwest. Launch Video >> 04/16/2013
Linda Mayro and Julia Fonseca Archaeology Café: Ten Years After—The Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan Linda Mayro and Julia Fonseca share the achievements of Pima County’s Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan. Launch Video >> 04/02/2013
Matt Peeples - Phoenix Archaeology Café: How Migration Transformed Social Networks in the Late Prehispanic Southwest  Dr. Matthew Peeples explores the nature of widespread social transformations in the centuries just before the Spaniards arrived. Launch Video >> 03/19/2013
Don Fowler - icon Tea and Archaeology: Inventing Southwestern Archaeology, 1846-1940  Dr. Don D. Fowler discusses the individuals, ideas, and circumstances that helped define southwestern archaeology in its early inception. Launch Video >> 03/17/2013
Matt Peeples Archaeology Café: Cooking Pots and Culture in the Zuni Region  Archaeology Southwest’s own Matt Peeples shares some of his experimental work with cooking pots. Launch Video >> 03/05/2013
Pat Gilman Archaeology Café: What Is the Meaning of Mimbres Art?  Dr. Pat Gilman discusses the meaning of geometric and naturalistic designs on the impressive black-on-white pottery associated with the Mimbres culture. Launch Video >> 02/19/2013
John Welch Icon Archaeology Café: Placemaking and Displacement at Fort Apache and Theodore Roosevelt School. John Welch discusses the history of the White Mountain Apache Tribe‘s collaborative efforts to restore the Fort Apache and TR School National Historic District. Launch Video >> 02/05/2013
Adriel Heisey Archaeology Southwest Video: Adriel Heisey on From Above: Images of a Storied Land. Launch Video >> 02/14/2013
Preservation Archaeology on the San Pedro River Tea and Archaeology: Archaeology Southwest’s Jeff Clark and William Doelle discuss Preservation Archaeology along the San Pedro River valley in The Jewel in the Crown.  Launch Video >> 11/18/2012
Archaeology Café:  Mimbres Beyond the Mimbres Valley Homeland: Frontier, Rural Living, or Periphery? University of Oklahoma archaeologist Pat Gilman presents her current research on the ancient Mimbres.  Launch Video >> 12/04/2012
Pat Stein Archaeology Café:  Field of Schemes: Lincoln Fowler’s Canal and Farm in the Gila River Indian Reservation.  Historian Pat Stein (Arizona Preservation Consultants) shares her research on Lincoln Fowler’s canal and farm on the Gila River Indian Reservation.  Launch Video >> 11/28/2012
Archaeology Café: Turkeys and Macaws and Dogs, Oh My!  Archaeologist and historian Alan Ferg (Arizona State Museum) sniffs out human-animal interactions in the Southwest’s past.  Launch Video>> 10/17/2012
Archaeology Café: “(Tucson) a drear, bleak, desolate place”  Historical archaeologist Homer Thiel (Desert Archaeology, Inc.) tells the story of Tucson’s historic abandoned cemeteries.  Launch Video>> 10/02/2012
Archaeology Café: Hohokam Hardball—Debating the Hohokam Decline. At the first-ever Archaeology Café in Phoenix, archaeologists Douglas Craig and Jeffery Clark discuss their differing views on the drastic changes that occurred in southern Arizona in the centuries before the Spaniards arrived. Launch Video >> 09/26/2012
Paul Minnis Tea and Archaeology: University of Oklahoma Professor Paul E. Minnis presents A 21st Century Perspective on 14th Century Paquimé.  Launch Video >> 09/23/2012
Demion Clinco Archaeology Café: Demion Clinco & Helen Erickson present Preserving a Twentieth-century Downtown.  Launch Video >>  09/04/2012
Archaeology Café: Natalia Martínez Tagüeña and Dr. Vance Holliday describe excavations at El Fin del Mundo, Sonora, Mexico: Clovis Archaeology at the End of the WorldLaunch Video >> 05/01/2012

Tea and Archaeology: Washington State University Professor Emeritus Bill Lipe presents Leaving Mesa Verde – The Great Pueblo Migrations of the 13th Century. Launch Video >> 03/18/2012

Emil W. Haury Archaeology Café: Dr. J. Jefferson Reid of the University of Arizona’s School of Anthropology discusses Prehistory, Personality, and Place: Emil W. Haury and the Mogollon Controversy.  Launch Video >> 04/03/2012

Archaeology Café: Archaeologist Henry Wallace, Desert Archaeology Inc., presents New Directions and Old Obstructions in Rock Art Research.  Launch Video>> 02/07/2012

Archaeology Café: Archaeology Southwest President and CEO William Doelle and Bernard Siquieros, Director of Education at the Himdag Ki Cultural Center & Museum, discuss The Future of Preservation ArchaeologyLaunch Video >>  01/03/2012

Archaeology Café: Ground stone tool expert Dr. Jenny Adams leaves No Stone Unturned as she shares some of the singular insights into the past that her pioneering analytical methods have made possible.  Launch Video >> 12/06/2011

Archaeology Café: Ruth Van Dyke guides us through a unique Chaco Experience. Check out our video to gain a richer understanding of life in this much-studied time and place.  Launch Video >> 11/01/2011

Archaeology Café: Rob Jones and Andy Laurenzi discuss Archaeology Southwest’s (formerly the Center for Desert Archaeology) integrated preservation archaeology program in southwestern New Mexico.  Launch Video >> 10/04/2011
Archaeology Southwest Video: This feature takes you on a spectacular journey to the Gila Bend region of southern Arizona, where you will experience the richness and fragility of this abiding cultural crossroads.  Launch Video >> 09/20/2011

Tea and Archaeology: Dr. Barbara Mills presents Clay as Canvas: Zuni Pottery and Changing Social Identity, A.D. 1300-1900. In this presentation, Dr. Mills explores how Zuni potters reinforced community identity through their medium.  Launch Video >> 09/18/2011

Archaeology Café: Dr. Randall McGuire shares his provocative insights into Mesoamerican connections with the Southwest in Feathered Serpents and Pole-Climbing ClownsLaunch Video >> 09/06/2011

Camp Naco Video Feature Archaeology Southwest Video: Bill Doelle narrates this short overview of Camp Naco’s history, and the preservation challenges we must face in order to secure its future. Launch Video >> 06/11/2011

Archaeology Southwest Video: Preservation archaeologist Deborah Huntley talks about preservation archaeology, ongoing research, and what we can learn about Salado from our research in Mule Creek, New Mexico.  Launch Video >> 06/09/2011

Archaeology Southwest Video: University of Arizona graduate student Rob Jones discusses Mule Creek obsidian and its connections to populations throughout the southern Southwest.  Launch Video >> 06/09/2011

Archaeology Southwest Video: Archaeology Southwest research assistant and University of Arizona graduate student Katherine Dungan talks about her interest in the archaeology of Mule Creek, New Mexico, and what she’s hoping to discover in her research.  Launch Video >> 06/09/2011

Tea and Archaeology: Dr. Katherine Spielmann presents Stability, Connectivity and Conflict in the Salinas Province. In this presentation, Dr. Spielmann reviews eight centuries of life at the eastern edge of the Pueblo world.  Launch Video >> 05/15/2011

Archaeology Café: Dr. Kelley Hays-Gilpin (Northern Arizona University) takes us on a journey to Flower World as she shares archaeological and oral history evidence of sophisticated ecological knowledge in the past.  Launch Video >> 05/03/2011
Archaeology Café: Dr. Douglas Gann and Steve Baumann talk about the use of LIDAR scanning to document the inscriptions at El Morro National Monument in Paso Por aquí with LasersLaunch Video >> 04/05/2011

Mule Creek Valley, New Mexico. Tea and Archaeology: Dr. Deborah Huntley presents Practicing Preservation Archaeology at Mule Creek. In this presentation, Dr. Huntley talked about the integrated preservation archaeology program at Mule Creek, NM, and the new insights the team is gaining on 14th and 15th century life in the region.  Launch Video >> 03/03/2011
Archaeology Café: Dr. M. Steven Shackley discusses the science of obsidian in What Obsidian Studies Hath WroughtLaunch Video >> 03/01/2011

Baboquiviri peak Archaeology Café: Dr. Dale Brenneman and a panel of experts discuss their work Telling the O’Odham Side of History in the Pimería AltaLaunch Video >> 02/01/2011

Archaeology Café: Dr. Todd Surovell, University of Wyoming, discusses why he believes that only the overkill hypothesis can explain What Happened to the Mammoths.  Launch Video >> 01/04/2011

Archaeology Café: Dr. Patrick Lyons, Head of Collections and Acting Associate Director of the Arizona State Museum, discusses The Role of Pottery in Understanding the Ancient SouthwestLaunch Video >> 12/07/2010

Brooks Jeffery Archaeology Café: In Sustainability and Sense of Place, R. Brooks Jeffery discusses new concepts in vernacular architecture that are based in sustainability and seek to foster a sense of place.  Launch Video >> 11/02/2010

Archaeology Café: Paul Reed presents The Diversity and Complexity of Chaco Canyon, in which he evaluates current theories on the ancient settlements of Chaco Canyon and argues for a new research perspective that does not over-simplify the complexity and diversity of these villages and and the people who lived there.  Launch Video >> 10/04/2010

Dr. Patrica Crown Tea and Archaeology: Dr. Patricia Crown presents Science and Serendipity: The Recovery of Cacao in Chaco Canyon. In this presentation, Dr. Crown relates a series of events that led to a discovery that further illuminates the ancient ties between Chaco Canyon and Mesoamerica.  Launch Video >> 09/18/2010

Michael Boley Archaeology Café: Michael Boley presents 2500 Years in the Marsh. Recent excavations at the Marsh Station area east of Tucson reveal evidence for a long span of human occupation in this unique cienega environment.  Launch Video >> 09/07/2010

Bill Doelle

InterviewLocal Matters: Join Archaeology Southwest (formerly the Center for Desert Archaeology) President Dr. Bill Doelle and Preservation Archaeologist Dr. Doug Gann as they discuss the organization’s mission to preserve the places of our shared past, and Archaeology Southwest’s role in the redevelopment of downtown Tucson.  Launch Video >> 03/15/2003

Ron Towner

Archaeology Café: Ronald Towner presents Early Navajos, Tree-rings, and Warfare in the Dinétah Heartland. University of Arizona Laboratory of Tree Ring Research Scholar Ron Towner describes his research on pueblito architecture in the Navajo heartland.  Launch Video >> 04/06/2010

Archaeology Café: Steve Lekson presents Where Did Mimbres Go? Where Did Paquimé Come From? This Archaeology Café presentation examines the connections between the ancient Mimbres culture and the rise of the fourteenth-century city of Paquimé in Northern Chihuahua.  Launch Video >> 03/16/2010

Mark Elson Archaeology Café: Mark Elson presents Human Adaptation to Catastrophic Events: Lessons from the 11th Century A.D. Eruption of Sunset Crater Volcano.  Dr Elson’s research focuses upon the archaeology of cataclysmic events, focusing on evidence from the eruption of Sunset Crater in the 11th century A.D.  Launch Video >>  01/05/2009
Jonathan Mabry Archaeology Café: In our first Archaeology Café, Jonathan Mabry presented Ancient Tucson: New Views of the First Farming Villages, 2100 B.C.–A.D. 50, a discussion on the importance of Rio Nuevo archaeology and the discovery of Early Agricultural period settlements along the Santa Cruz River. Launch Video >> 09/02/2008
Tea and Archaeology: Dr. R. Gwinn Vivian presents Living in Chaco: Interpreting Chaco. In this presentation, Dr. Vivian discusses his experiences and those of others who have lived in Chaco Canyon. He links these experiences to his current research on the role of the natural environment in the evolution of the Chacoan cultural system.  Launch Video >> 03/07/2010
Shadow of the Volcano -- icon Archaeology Southwest Video: In the Shadow of the Volcano The most extensive archaeological excavation in the Flagstaff region of Northern Arizona has yielded fascinating story about these early settlers, their connection to the northern Hopi Tribe, and how they were impacted by the eruption of Sunset Crater in the late 11th century. Launch Video >> 12/31/2000


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