What We Do: Information

Salmon Ruins and Heritage Park

Type of Place: Ancestral Puebloan site
Ownership: San Juan County
Contact: Salmon Ruins and Heritage Park,
6131 U.S. Highway 64,
Bloomfield, NM 87413
Telephone: (505) 632-2013
Website: Salmon Ruins
Hours: Vary, see website
Entrance Fee: Yes
Guided Tours: No
Notes: Salmon Ruins is part of the Center for Desert Archaeology’s Preservation Network
Nearby Heritage Sites: Aztec Ruins National Monument, Chaco Culture NHP, Pueblitos of the Dinetah

Site Summary: Salmon Ruins is an over 250-room pueblo village built in the Chaco Great House tradition. Archaeologists call these types of sites “outlier villages” as they are clearly part of the Chacoan architectural tradition, but constructed outside Chaco Canyon itself. Salmon Ruins was occupied from AD 1090 to 1280.

Photograph of Salmon Ruins © Adriel Heisey


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