Volunteering FAQs

Volunteer Opportunities

Archaeology Southwest is a private, nonprofit organization that endeavors to preserve the places of our shared past through active research, site protection, and public outreach. We use the techniques of preservation archaeology—surface collection, limited test excavation, detailed mapping, regional survey, and collections and archival research—to pursue our research and preservation goals.


Who Can Volunteer?

All current Archaeology Southwest members are eligible to volunteer. If you aren’t already a member, join Archaeology Southwest! Membership starts at only $35 a year, and includes four issues of our valuable publication, Archaeology Southwest Magazine. When you join, indicate your interest in volunteering on the membership form. A Volunteer Application will be sent to you. Forms are also available on this website.

Do You Have Volunteer Opportunities for Children?

Not normally. Motivated middle and high school students may qualify to work as volunteers. Please contact Archaeology Southwest’s Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

What Kinds of Volunteer Jobs are Available?

Field volunteer jobs are rare, but can include excavation, survey, and mapping projects. We can also connect you with the Arizona Site Stewards, a volunteer program to monitor threatened archaeological sites throughout Arizona. Office volunteer jobs are much more numerous, and include library research, general office work, outreach, and fundraising. Because volunteers are an integral part of our research teams, many volunteer positions require that you are able to commit to working for a specific, scheduled amount of time.

When Can I Start Work as a Volunteer?

The availability of volunteer positions at Archaeology Southwest is variable. Each project has its unique volunteer crew requirements. When a new project is beginning, the Project Director reviews the volunteer applications of all current members who match a project’s needs, and assembles a crew that reflects a mixture of experience levels. New applicants will be considered for positions as they become available.

What about Training?

You will be provided with any training and supervision necessary in order to ensure that your volunteer experience is a positive one. Depending upon the project and your prior experience, you may be asked to attend an orientation and training session before beginning work.


For More Information, Contact:

Kate Fitzpatrick, Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator, at (520) 882-6946 x 26 or by email.