Tortuous and Fantastic (ASW 28-3/4) (Hardcopy)

Issue editor: William D. Lipe

Greater Cedar Mesa’s archaeological record documents thousands of years of human innovation, change, and movement. The rock art, buildings, and artifacts left by the people who made this landscape their own enable today’s visitors to understand something of those past lives. Now, the challenge is to powerfully protect that record while continuing to provide meaningful opportunities for discovery and reflection.

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In this issue:

Tortuous and Fantastic: Cultural and Natural Wonders of Greater Cedar Mesa — William D. Lipe

In Brief: Change through Time in the Northern Southwest — William D. Lipe

A Natural History of Cedar Mesa — Stewart Aitchison

Early Archaeological Expeditions in Greater Cedar Mesa — Fred M. Blackburn

In Brief: Reverse Archaeology — Fred M. Blackburn

Documenting Early Collections of Perishable Artifacts from Greater Cedar Mesa — Laurie D. Webster

Culture History of Cedar Mesa Before 1300: Findings of the Cedar Mesa Project and Its Successors — William D. Lipe

Photo Essay: Canyons of Danger

The Lime Ridge Clovis Site — William E. Davis and Jonathan D. Till

Cedar Mesa Basketmaker II: The Story Continues — R. G. Matson

In Brief: Ancient Turkeys — Brian M. Kemp and William D. Lipe

Monumental Landscapes on Cedar Mesa — Jonathan D. Till and Winston B. Hurst

Photo Essay: Petroglyphs and Paintings of Greater Cedar Mesa — Sally J. Cole

Younger Traces: Other Cedar Mesa Archaeologies — Winston B. Hurst and James G. Willian

The San Juan Mission — Stewart Aitchison

Photographing Cedar Mesa — Donald J. Rommes

Cedar Mesa’s Uncertain Future — Josh Ewing

Poem: Cedar Mesa, Cedar Mesa — Vaughn Hadenfeldt

Back Sight — William H. Doelle

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