The Great Bend of the Gila (ASW 25-1) (Hardcopy)

This issue of Archaeology Southwest presents several thousand years of human history along the Great Bend of the Gila River. It taps the records of early travelers and archaeologists to reveal some of the hidden history of a unique, sometimes overlooked cultural landscape.

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This issue’s articles include:
Authors are: William H. Doelle and Andy Laurenzi, Center for Desert Archaeology, and Ella Pierpoint, Arizona Site Steward unless noted.
• The Great Bend of the Gila
• Hohokam and Patayan
• The Gatlin Site, a National Historic Landmark
• Ancient Rock and the Great Bend Gallery
• First Recording in 1852
• Use of Hillsides and Hilltops
• Community-based Preservation Archaeology
• Norton Allen
• Trails Across the Millennia
• U.S. Route 80, Broadway of America
• Gillespie Dam Bridge — Hugh Davidson, Maricopa County Department of Transportation
• Back Sight — William H. Doelle, Center for Desert Archaeology

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