Textiles and Prehistory (ASW 13-4) (PDF)

When people think of things that archaeologists dig up, textiles may not often come up, but they play an invaluable role in our understanding of the past. This issue looks at woven materials, both archaeological and ethnographic and what they can tell us about the past.


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This Issue’s Articles Include:

• Textiles and Prehistory – Lynn S. Teague
• The Anthropology of Clothing: An Example from the Historic Pueblos – Laurie Webster, Arizona State Museum
• Basketmaker Sandals from the Four Corners Area – Elizabeth Ann Morris, Colorado State University
• Perishable Materials from Chaco Canyon, NM: Ritual Items fromthe Chetro Ketl Great House – R. Gwinn Vivian, Arizona State Museum
• Mission 2000: Bringing Mission Records to Life After 300 Years – Donald T. Garate, National Park Service
• A Rare Glimpse of the Sobaipuri from Colossal Cave – Jonathan B. Mabry, Desert Archaeology, Inc.
• Back Sight – William H. Doelle, Center for Desert Archaeology