Santa Fe Underground (ASW 29-2/3) (PDF)

Issue editors: Cherie L. Scheick and Stephen S. Post

Every city has history, but in Santa Fe, history surrounds us. It is a record not of 100 years, but of several thousand years. From the terraces above town to the river floodplain below, reminders of the city’s past inhabitants are woven into the fabric of Santa Fe. As the city expands and development continues, archaeologists uncover ever more evidence of the older center beneath it. In this issue of Archaeology Southwest Magazine, we hope to introduce readers to Santa Fe and its remarkable history.

40 pages.


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In this issue:

Santa Fe Underground — Cherie L. Scheick

Photo Collage: Above and Below the Streets of Santa Fe

Change through Time and Historic Events in and around Santa Fe —Cherie L. Scheick, Stephen S. Post, Kate Sarther Gann, and Kathleen M. Bader

In Brief: “Their name is on your waters”— David H. Snow

Understanding and Managing the Archaeology of Santa Fe—Glenda Deyloff

In Brief: Archaeological Review in the City of Santa Fe—Lisa G. Roach

The First 6,500 Years:Archaic Santa Fe—Stephen S. Post

In Brief: Ancestral Pueblo Population and Settlement Patterns in and around Santa Fe—Cherie L. Scheick

Pueblo Archaeology of the Santa Fe River Valley—Cherie L. Scheick

Visualization: Santa Fe’s Life-Supporting Natural Resources: Resource Zones—Cherie L. Scheick, Catherine Gilman, and Robert B. Ciaccio

In Brief: What Kind of Climate Did Santa Fe’s Ancestral Pueblo Communities Experience?—Carla R. Van West

What Is Black and White and under Santa Fe?—C. Dean Wilson and Eric Blinman

Where on Earth Was the Original Spanish Colonial Plaza?—David H. Snow

In Brief: What Is beneath the Palace of the Governors?—David H. Snow

Tewa Pottery from Nineteenth-Century Archaeological Sites—C. Dean Wilson

An Era of Change: Santa Fe in the 1800s and 1900s—Matthew J. Barbour and Jessica A. Badner

In Brief: The Curious “Coin” of Santa Fe— Lonyta Viklund-Galloway

Preservation Spotlight: The Missing Dead of Historic Santa Fe: A Preservation Problem 400 Years in the Making—Alysia L. Abbott

Back Sight—William H. Doelle

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