Salmon Ruins: Past, Present, and Future (ASW 16-2) (PDF)

This issue looks at the history of archaeological work at Salmon Ruins and the course of future research and preservation efforts at the site.


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This Issue’s Articles Include :

• Salmon Ruins: Past, Present and Future – Paul F. Reed, Center for Desert Archaeology
• Salmon Ruins: A Vision within a Mission – Larry L. Baker, Salmon Ruins
• A Brief History of the San Juan County Museum Association and Salmon Ruins – Alton James, Salmon Ruins
• Cynthia Irwin-Williams: A Profile – Lynn Teague, Arizona State Museum
• Public Education and Outreach – Tristan Kwiecinski, Salmon Ruins
• Salmon Collections Preservation – Lori S. Reed, Animas Ceramic Consulting
• Salmon Ruins: From Cynthia Irwin-Williams’s Vision to a Central Place in the Totah – Paul F. Reed, Center for Desert Archaeology
• Larry L. Baker, Salmon Ruins: Ruins Stabilization and Preservation –
• Totah Archaeological Project – Linda Wheelbarger, San Juan College
• Ceramic Studies in the Totah Area – Lori Reed, Animas Ceramic Consulting
• Back Sight – William H. Doelle, Center for Desert Archaeology