Rewriting History in the Hohokam Heartland (ASW 14-3) (PDF)

This issue looks at the archaeology of the Hohokam in the Phoenix Basin. Articles include an updated chronology, a look at recreating Hohokam ceramics and some of the amazing objects that were found in the 1930s


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Articles in this issue include:

• Rewriting Prehistory in the Hohokam Heartland – Douglas B. Craig, Northland Research, Inc.
• Preserving the Grew Site and its Environs – Jim Walker, Archaeological Conservancy
• A New View of Bodies in Clay – Tina Love, Northland Research, Inc.
• Spectacular Finds in the 1930s – Mark Hackbarth, Northland Research, Inc.
• Rediscovering the Recipe for Hohokam Buff Ware Pottery – David R. Abbott, Northland Research, Inc.
• Obsidian at Grewe-Casa Grande – James M. Bayman, Department of Anthropology, University of Hawaii, and M. Steven Shackley, Archaeological XRF Laboratory, University of California, Berkley
• Refining the Hohokam Chronology – Henry D. Wallace, Desert Archaeology, Inc.
• Back Sight – William Doelle, Center for Desert Archaeology