Rethinking the Peopling of the Americas (ASW 14-2) (PDF)

This issue looks at the peopling of the new world. From rock art to tools and linguistics to genetics this issue is a must read for anyone interested in the origins of people in the Americas.


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• Rethinking the Peopling of the Americas – Jonathan B. Mabry, Desert Archaeology, Inc.
• Stratigraphic Evidence of Climate Changes during Paleoindian Times – C. Vance Haynes, University of Arizona
• The Role of Geology in the Search for the First Americans – Michael R. Waters, Texas A&M University
• New Investigations at Southwestern Paleoindian Sites
• Skeletal and Genetic Data on the Peopling of the New World – Erik G. Ozolins and Joseph F. Powell, University of New Mexico
• Linguistic Models of Early American History – Jane H. Hill, University of Arizona
• Paleoindian Rock Art of the Colorado Plateau – Larry D. Agenbroad, Museum of Northern Arizona
• Clovis Tool Technologies – Bruce Bradley, Primitive Technology Enterprises, Inc.
• Back Sight – William Doelle, Center for Desert Archaeology