Preserving Archaeological Landscapes (ASW 19-3) (Hardcopy)

This issue of Archaeology Southwest looks at how archaeological landscapes across the Southwest are being preserved. A wide variety of sites and perspectives are covered in this informative volume.

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This Issue’s Articles Include:

• Preserving Archaeological Landscapes; Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh, Center for Desert Archaeology
• A Conservation Model for Archaeology; William D. Lipe, Washington State University
• Hohokam Ballcourt Villages in Peril; William H. Doelle, Center for Desert Archaeology
• Growth of Greater Phoenix
• O’odham Ancestral Lands; Barnaby V. Lewis, Cultural Resource Management Program, Gila River Indian Community
• Palo Verde Open Space; Mark Hackbarth, Logan Simpson Design and Jeffrey Sargent, City of Peoria
• The Las Vegas Springs Preserve
• The Santa Lucia Ranch and Rancho Seco; Diana Freshwater, Arizona Open Land Trust
• Archaeological Conservation Easements; Jacquie M. Dale, Center for Desert Archaeology
• The Buried City Site in Texas
• Saving Sites, Preserving Communities; James B. Walker, The Archaeological Conservancy
• Cultural Resources Preservation by Pima County; Roger Anyon and Linda L. Mayro, Pima County Cultural Resources
• New Mexico Tax Credit for Archaeological Site Protection
• The Arizona Site Steward Program; Mary Estes, State Historic Preservation Office
• The Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area
• A Holistic Approach to Preservtion Law Enforcement; Patrick D. Lyons, Center for Desert Archaeology
• National Heritage Areas; Anne J. Goldberg, Center for Desert Archaeology
• Urban Parks in Tucson, Arizona
• Back Sight; William H. Doelle, President and CEO, Center for Desert Archaeology

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