One Valley, Many Histories: Tohono O’odham, Hopi, Zuni, and Western Apache History in the San Pedro Valley (ASW 18-1) (Hardcopy)

This issue examines the history and meaning that the San Pedro Valley, east of Tucson, has to numerous Native American groups.

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This Issue’s Articles Include:

• A Mosaic of Land, History,and Culture
• “Our Cousins to the East”: O’odham Traditions in the San Pedro Valley
• Archaeology of the San Pedro River Valley
• The Village of Gaybanipitea
• The Lost Others: Zuni Ancestors Who Journeyed South
• Vandalism in the San Pedro Valley
• Landscapes of a Living Past: Places of Western Apache History
• Naming Places
• Ang Kuktota: Hopi Footprints in the San Pedro Valley
• A Ceremonial Kiva in Southern Arizona
• Models of Ethnogenesis
• Remembering the Ancestors
• Back Sight – William H. Doelle

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