New Horizons for Southwestern Rock Art (ASW 30-2) (PDF)

Issue editor: Aaron M. Wright

Issue editor Aaron M. Wright, renowned rock art scholar Polly Schaafsma, and authors on the cutting edge of rock art research consider rock art within the physical and social contexts of its makers’ lives.

36 pages.


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In this issue:

New Horizons for Southwestern Rock Art—Aaron M. Wright

Reframing the Past: Rock Art Styles across the Southwest—Aaron M. Wright and Polly Schaafsma

In Brief: How Did People Make Rock Art?—Aaron M. Wright

The Western Archaic Tradition in Context—Henry D. Wallace

In Brief: But Is It Art?—Aaron M. Wright

Landmarks and Signalling: Rock Art of Southeastern Utah’s Colorado River Region—Ralph Hartley

Ancestral Hopi Rock Art—Wesley Bernardini and Lee Wayne Lomayestewa

Cultural Diversity and Social Identity atop Perry Mesa—Will G. Russell

Rock Art and Mountain Ritualism in the Hohokam World—Aaron M. Wright

Comanche Aesthetics—Lindsay Montgomery

Rock Art and Accessibility: Examples from Northern New Mexico—Marit Munson

Soundscapes of Rock Art: Cultural Significance in the Past and Implications Today—Steven J. Waller

Portable X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Analysis of Pictographs—Chris Loendorf and Larry Loendorf

Pictograph at Quail Point—Robert Mark and Evelyn Billo

Recent Rock Art Conservation Efforts at Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site—Tim Roberts and Wanda Olszewski

In Defense of Rock Art—Polly Schaafsma

Preservation Spotlight: Mesa Prieta Petroglyph Project—Katherine Wells

Back Sight—William H. Doelle

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