Love of the Gila (ASW 36-1/2) (Hardcopy)

Love of the Gila

Issue editor: William H. Doelle

60 pages

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Inside this issue:

Love of the Gila: Reflections on Millennia of Life in the Southern Southwest, William H. Doelle
The Gila River Watershed
A Chronology of Transformations, William H. Doelle, Catherine Gilman, Robert B. Ciaccio, and Rebecca Cerny-Ciaccio
Archaeological Patterns: Early Life in the Gila Watershed
Spotlight: Las Capas and Sunset Footprints
Archaeological Patterns: The Hohokam Ballcourt World—An Inclusive Ideology
Spotlight: Insights from South Mountain Petroglyphs
Spotlight: Changing Domestic Architecture
Tribal Perspectives: O’Odham Songs, Barnaby V. Lewis and William H. Doelle
Archaeological Patterns: The Spread of Platform Mounds
Archaeological Patterns: Salado—A Second, Very Different Inclusive Ideology
Tribal Perspectives: The Path to the Tribal Historic Preservation Office, Shane Anton and William H. Doelle
Tribal Perspectives: Connecting to Huhugam Heritage, Reylynne Williams and William H. Doelle
Archaeological Patterns: Identities, Boundaries, and Change
Identities, Boundaries, and Change: Persistent and Permeable: The Hohokam–Patayan Boundary
Identities, Boundaries, and Change: Across a Boundary: The Komadk Trail
Identities, Boundaries, and Change: Sharp and Transitory: The Hohokam–Mimbres Boundary
Identities, Boundaries, and Change: Sells Red Pottery: Development of a Local Identity?
Tribal Perspectives: Cultural Learning on the Tohono O’odham Reservation, Samuel Fayuant and William H. Doelle
Identities, Boundaries, and Change: Diverse and Transforming: Local Identity in the Tonto Basin
Identities, Boundaries, and Change: Expanding and Connected: The Perry Mesa Local Identity
Identities, Boundaries, and Change: Hohokam Epilogue
Identities, Boundaries, and Change: Final Thoughts
Where to Visit, Kate Sarther and William H. Doelle
Tribal Perspectives: Reflections on the Great Bend, Angelo Cortez and Skylar Begay
Spotlight: The Great Bend of the Gila, The Respect Great Bend Coalition
Back Sight, William H. Doelle

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