Introducing the Fremont (ASW 29-4) (Hardcopy)

Issue editor: James R. Allison

“Fremont” is a label archaeologists use for the northern contemporaries of Ancestral Pueblo people. Fremont peoples lived mostly in what is now the state of Utah, in the eastern Great Basin and on the northern Colorado Plateau. Their range extended slightly beyond the modern borders of Utah. Fremont peoples across this region shared styles of pottery, architecture, rock art, figurines, and moccasins. Despite broad similarities across the region, Fremont peoples were not a homogeneous cultural group. In this issue of Archaeology Southwest Magazine, authors briefly review what is known about the Fremont and share recent research on Fremont lifeways.

28 pages.

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In this issue:

Introducing the Fremont — James R. Allison

Coming Together: Fremont Communal Structures — Lindsay D. Johansson

Shared Style: Design and Fremont Painted Pottery — Katie K. Richards

Gazing Back at You: Fremont Figurines — David T. Yoder

Maize on the Margins: Fremont Foodways and Menus — Tim Riley

Photo Essay: Fremont Rock Art — Troy Scotter

Patterns and Variability: The Fremont Regional System — Richard K. Talbot

Centers of Culture, Commerce, and Technology: Fremont Villages in the Parowan Valley — Scott M. Ure

Wolf Village: New Insights on the Fremont — James R. Allison

Maize Growing, Processing, and Storage: Evidence from Nine Mile Canyon — Jody J. Patterson

Preservation Spotlight: Paragonah Mounds — Chaz Evans

Back Sight — William H. Doelle

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