Footprints in the Middle San Juan (ASW 34-4) (Hardcopy)

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Inside this issue:

Footprints in the Middle San Juan, Paul F. Reed
Spotlight: Chaco’s Legacy, Paul F. Reed
Pueblo Perspectives on the Middle San Juan Region, Ben Chavarria, Adam Duran, Stewart Koyiyumptewa, Fermin
Lopez, Octavius Seowtewa, and Paul F. Reed
Patterns of Migration and Emulation in the Middle San Juan, Paul F. Reed
Spotlight: Chacoan-Built vs. Locally Built Great Houses, Paul F. Reed
Salmon Pueblo, a Residential Town on the San Juan River, Paul F. Reed
Spotlight: Cynthia Irwin-Williams, Paul F. Reed
Spotlight: Larry Baker, Paul F. Reed
The Aztec Community: A Chacoan Legacy, Aron Adams and Lori Stephens Reed
Spotlight: Earl Halstead Morris, Kate Sarther
Spotlight: Earl Morris’s Aztec Files, Erin L. Baxter
Enigma on the Animas: Aztec North, Michelle I. Turner and Ruth Van Dyke
Spotlight: Stewarding Aztec, Denise Robertson
Great House Architecture at Aztec West and East, Gary M. Brown
Identifying Local and Immigrant Potters in the Middle San Juan, Lori Stephens Reed
Clothing Traditions of the Middle San Juan, Laurie D. Webster
Spotlight: Ritual Wooden Artifacts from Aztec West, Laurie D. Webster
Sandals, Symbols, and Social Identities in the Middle San Juan and Beyond, Benjamin A. Bellorado and Edward A. Jolie
Preservation Spotlight: The Walls Do Speak, Fred M. Blackburn
Back Sight, William H. Doelle

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