Chaco’s Legacy (ASW 28-1) (PDF)

Issue editor: Paul F. Reed

Issue editor Paul F. Reed and contributors consider whether ancient Chacoans migrated to the Middle San Juan Basin, or the region’s residents emulated Chacoan culture, or both. Authors also discuss a new exhibit that shares this research interactively.


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In this issue:

Chaco’s Legacy: Discerning Migration and Emulation along the Middle San Juan River — Paul F. Reed

In Brief: Salmon and Aztec — Paul F. Reed

In Brief: What Was It about Chaco? — Paul F. Reed

Investigating Ritual Wooden Artifacts from Aztec West — Laurie D. Webster

Identifying Local and Immigrant Potters in the Middle San Juan — Lori Stephens Reed

Documenting Great House Architecture at Aztec Ruins — Gary M. Brown

In Brief: Building Sequences at Aztec — Gary M. Brown

Finding Chacoan Immigrants and Seeking Emulation on the Middle San Juan Landscape — Paul F. Reed

Appraising Chaco’s Legacy in the Middle San Juan — Jeffery J. Clark and Paul F. Reed

Tales Teeth Tell — Paul F. Reed

Sharing Chaco’s Legacy — Douglas W. Gann

In Brief: Renovating Exhibits at Aztec Ruins National Monument — Tracy Bodnar and Lauren Blacik

Zuni View of Chaco’s Legacy — Dan Simplicio, Cultural Consultant, Zuni, New Mexico

Earl Morris: Local Boy Done Good — Kate Sarther Gann

In Brief: Cynthia Irwin-Williams — Paul F. Reed

Back Sight — William H. Doelle