Chacoan Archaeology at the 21st Century (ASW 32-2/3) (PDF)

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Chacoan Archaeology at the 21st Century (32-2/3)

Issue Editors: Jeffery J. Clark and Barbara J. Mills

64 pages



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In this issue

Chacoan Archaeology at the 21st Century: New Questions and Ongoing Revelations, Jeffery J. Clark and Barbara J. Mills
The Chaco World at a Glance, Paul F. Reed


The Earliest Pueblo Settlements, Thomas C. Windes
New Views from Past Excavations at Pueblo Bonito, Patricia L. Crown and W. H. Wills
Chaco Farming in 3-D, W. H. Wills, Wetherbee B. Dorshow, and Jennie Sturm
Water Management, Vernon L. Scarborough, R. Gwinn Vivian, Samantha G. Fladd, and Adam S. Watson


Enigma on the Animas, Michelle I. Turner and Ruth M. Van Dyke
Delving into Earl Morris’s Aztec Files, Erin Baxter
The Northern Chaco Outliers Project, Susan C. Ryan
Early Chacoan Communities in the San Juan Basin, Kellam Throgmorton
Chacoan Communities at the Southern Edge of the Chaco World, Andrew Duff and Kristin Safi
Ancient Population Dynamics in the Chuska Valley, Monica L. Murrell


The Chaco Social Networks Database, Barbara J. Mills, Jeffery J. Clark, and Matthew A. Peeples
How Connected Was the Chaco World? Barbara J. Mills, Matthew A. Peeples, Jeffery J. Clark, Leslie D. Aragon, Benjamin A. Bellorado, Evan Giomi, and Thomas C. Windes
The Chaco Research Archive and the Salmon Pueblo Archaeological Research Collection, Carrie C. Heitman, Worthy Martin, Stephen Plog, and Paul F. Reed
Climate at the Center Place, Kyle Bocinsky
Visibility and Chacoan Architecture, Katherine Dungan, Devin White, and Sylviane Déderix
Origins of Great House Construction Timbers at Chaco Canyon, Christopher H. Guiterman and Christopher H. Baisan
Recent Research on Chaco-Era Tower Kivas, John Kantner
Chacoan Soundscapes, Ruth M. Van Dyke and Timothy de Smet
Chaco Facial Designs, Jill E. Neitzel
Chacoan Ornaments, Hannah V. Mattson
Preliminary Report on the Provenance of Turquoise Recovered from Pueblo Bonito, Alyson Thibodeau, David Killick, and Joaquin Ruiz
Ritual Birds, Katelyn J. Bishop, Samantha G. Fladd, and Adam S. Watson
A Woven Web of Regional Influence, Edward A. Jolie, Laurie D. Webster, and Benjamin A. Bellorado
Dogoszhi Style Pottery and Chacoan Elites, Evan Giomi and Leslie D. Aragon
Stone Materials in the Chaco World, Catherine Cameron and Jeffery J. Clark


What Was Chaco, Really? Stephen H. Lekson, Barbara J. Mills, Jeffery J. Clark, and Carrie C. Heitman


Hopi and Zuni Histories of the Chaco World, Maren P. Hopkins, Octavius Seowtewa, Stewart B. Koyiyumptewa, and T. J. Ferguson
Knowing Chaco, Theresa Pasqual


Combating Serious Threats to the Greater Chaco Landscape, Paul F. Reed

Back Sight, William H. Doelle