Revisiting Birds in the Southwest (ASW 35-1/2) (PDF)


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Inside this issue:

Revisiting Birds in the Southwest, Christopher W. Schwartz and Katelyn J. Bishop
A Retrospective on Avian Archaeology, Charmion R. McKusick
In Memoriam: Charmion McKusick, Christopher W. Schwartz and Katelyn J. Bishop
Ancient Ornithology in the Bears Ears Region of the Northern Southwest, Laurie D. Webster, Charles LaRue, and Louie Garcia
Birds in Chaco Canyon, Katelyn J. Bishop
Birds in Mimbres Society, Darrel Creel, Roger Anyon, Patricia Gilman, and Karen Schollmeyer
Why So Many Birds? Understanding Human-Bird Interactions in the Middle Rio Grande, Emily Lena Jones
Scarlet Macaws in Mesoamerica and across the US Southwest and Mexican Northwest, Patricia Gilman, Christopher W. Schwartz, and Stephen Plog
Spotlight: Scarlet Macaws, Christopher W. Schwartz
Living with Scarlet Macaws, Kelley Taylor
Macaws and Other Parrots from Pueblos in the Mountains of East-Central Arizona, Patrick D. Lyons and Patricia L. Crown
The Elusive Macaws of the Hohokam Region, Christine R. Szuter
Scarlet Macaws and Placemaking, Christopher W. Schwartz
The Social Lives of Captive Macaws, Randee Fladeboe
Exploring Raptor Exchange, Miranda LaZar and Jonathan Dombrosky
Between Wild and Domestic, Caitlin S. Ainsworth
Let’s Talk Turkey, the Multipurpose Bird of the Southwest, Kathy Roler Durand and Laura W. Steele
Spotlight: Turkey Genetics, William D. Lipe
Ancestral Pueblo Turkey Penning and Management, Cyler Conrad
Turkeys through the Eyes of Mimbres Potters, Sean G. Dolan
A Rafter of Burials: Sapa’owingeh Turkey Interments, Rachel M. Burger
How Turkeys Gave Warm Blankets to Ancestral Pueblo Peoples, William D. Lipe
Creating a Turkey Feather Blanket, Mary Motah Weahkee
Feathers on Sikyatki Polychrome Pottery, Kelley Hays-Gilpin and Charles LaRue
Birds and the Pueblo of San Ildefonso, Joseph “Woody” Aguilar, Bruce Bernstein, and J. Michael Bremer
Macaw Images on Ancestral Pueblo Pottery, Kellye Hays-Gilpin
Ducks and Basketmakers on the Colorado Plateau, Polly Schaafsma
Birds in Chaco Canyon Rock Art, Jane Kolber
Birds of Dinétah: Diné Decolonization through Wildlife Conservation, Caitlynn Mayhew
Ostriches in the Phoenix Basin-A Correction, Alan Ferg
Back Sight, William H. Doelle