Sacred and Threatened (ASW 31-4 and 32-1) (PDF)

Sacred and Threatened (31-4 and 32-1)

Issue Editors: R. E. Burrillo and Benjamin Bellorado

64 pages

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In this issue:

Foreword, William H. Doelle

Bears Ears: The Cultural Landscapes, William D. Lipe

The Cultural Landscape of Bears Ears: Land Use and Population Movement through Time, Catherine Gilman, Benjamin A. Bellorado, R. E. Burrillo, and William D. Lipe

What Do We Know about Greater Bears Ears? Indigenous and Community Perspectives, R. E. Burrillo and Benjamin A. Bellorado

Ways of Knowing, Eric Descheenie

The Ethnographic Information Partnership, Jessica Yaquinto and Kathleen Van Vlack

What Do We Know about Greater Bears Ears? Archaeological Perspectives, William H.Doelle

Rock Art as Social Geography, Steven Simms

Archaic Foragers of Greater Bears Ears, Phil R. Geib

We Are the Land through All the Seasons, Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk

Ancient Farming Strategies in Greater Bears Ears, R. E. Burrillo, Joan Brenner Coltrain, Michael D. Lewis, and William D. Lipe

Elk Ridge Plateau, Donald C. Irwin and R. E. Burrillo

Dark Canyon Wilderness, Donald C. Irwin

Early Pueblo Lifeways in Greater Bears Ears, Jonathan D. Till

In Brief: Ancient Celestial Observatories, Jim Krehbiel and Natalie Cunningham

Greater Bears Ears and the Chaco World, Winston B. Hurst

Red Knobs and the Chaco World, James R. Allison

Beef Basin and the Chaco World, Jaclyn Eckersley

Sandals and Sandal Symbolism in Greater Bears Ears and Beyond, Benjamin A. Bellorado

Footprints, Lyle Balenquah

Pottery Production and Exchange in Greater Bears Ears, Donna M. Glowacki, Winston B. Hurst, and Jeffrey R. Ferguson

Towers of Greater Bears Ears, R. E. Burrillo, Benjamin A. Bellorado, and Ruth M. Van Dyke

The Last Century of Pueblo Life in Greater Bears Ears, Benjamin A. Bellorado, Thomas C. Windes, and Donna M. Glowacki

With Our Ancestors’ Help, Octavius Seowtewa

My Near-Lifetime in Bears Ears Archaeology, Don Simonis

For All of Us, Terry Knight

Historic Navajo and Ute/Paiute Lifeways in Greater Bears Ears, Jay Willian and Winston B. Hurst

Coming Together for Bears Ears, Josh Ewing

Conflict Walks with Beauty, Greg Child

Visit with Respect, Friends of Cedar Mesa

Back Sight, William H. Doelle