La Quemada, A Monument on the Mesoamerican Frontier (ASW 16-1)

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For this issue of Archaeology Southwest we step out of the Southwest a little bit and look at the archaeology of La Quemada near Zacatecas, Mexico.


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This Issue’s Articles Include:

• Human Impacts on the Ancient Environment – Michelle Y. Elliot
• Patios and La Quemada’s Hinterland Settlements – Charles D. Trombold
• Pottery and the Social Microcosm – E. Christian Wells
• La Quemada’s Pseudo-Cloisonne Tradition – Nicola M Strazicich
• The Chalchihuites Mines – Vincent W. Schiavitti
• Chipped Stone Artifacts – Loni M. Kantor
• Malpaso Valley Obsidian Exchange – John K. Millhauser
• Food and Status in the Malpaso Valley – Paula D. Turkon
• Warfare and Ritual in Northwest Mexico – Matthew Chamberlin
• La Quemada Tool-Induced Bone Alterations: Cut Mark Differences between Human and Animal Bones – Ventura R. Perez
• Intercultural Interaction and Exchange at La Quemada – J. Andrew Darling