Archaeology, History and Community: Tucson’s Rio Nuevo Project (ASW 15-2)

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This issue examines the archaeological aspects of Tucson’s Rio Nuevo Project. Topics include Native American, Mexican, and Chinese influence on the Old Pueblo.

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This Issue’s Articles Include:

• Tucson – A Short History – William H. Doelle & J. Homer Thiel
• Tucson’s Birthplace – J. Homer Thiel
• Exploring Tucson’s Presidio – J. Homer Thiel
• What do we know? How do we Know it? – William H Doelle
• The Archaeology of a Mexican Family – J. Homer Thiel
• The Chinese in Tucson – J. Homer Thiel
• Point – Reconstruction Doesn’t Work – R. Brooks Jeffery
• Counterpoint – Reconstruction Can Work – Marty McCune
• Creating a Visual Archive – Michael R. Weber
• Chocolateros – Michael W. Diehl & Christopher Sugnet
• Three Thousand Years of Irrigation in a Riverine Oasis – Johnathan B Mabry