Rethinking the Peopling of the Americas (ASW 14-2)

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This issue looks at the peopling of the new world. From rock art to tools and linguistics to genetics this issue is a must read for anyone interested in the origins of people in the Americas.

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Rethinking the Peopling of the Americas – Jonathan B. Mabry, Desert Archaeology, Inc.

Stratigraphic Evidence of Climate Changes during Paleoindian Times – C. Vance Haynes, University of Arizona

The Role of Geology in the Search for the First Americans – Michael R. Waters, Texas A&M University

New Investigations at Southwestern Paleoindian Sites

Skeletal and Genetic Data on the Peopling of the New World – Erik G. Ozolins and Joseph F. Powell, University of New Mexico

Linguistic Models of Early American History – Jane H. Hill, University of Arizona

Paleoindian Rock Art of the Colorado Plateau – Larry D. Agenbroad, Museum of Northern Arizona

Clovis Tool Technologies – Bruce Bradley, Primitive Technology Enterprises, Inc.

Back Sight – William Doelle, Center for Desert Archaeology

Rethinking the Peopling of the Americas

Clovis flaked stone spear points and scrapers found at the Lehner site in southeastern Arizona in 1954-55. Photograph by Jonathan Mabry.

For more than sixty years, the prevailing scenario of the peopling of the Americas envisioned Clovis-era mammoth hunters walking access a temporary land bridge connecting Siberia and Alaska at the waning of the last Ice Age. Now, new data from the Southwest and elsewhere are challenging this model.

Archaeology Southwest Magazine (Vol. 14, no. 2), reexamines one of the great questions in American archaeology, starting with broad perspectives, and then focusing on evidence from southwestern sites.

As a supplement to the Spring 2000 issue of Archaeology Southwest Magazine, Dr. Jonathan Mabry has compiled a set of resources for further study concerning the topic of peopling of the New World.

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