Craft Specialization in the Southern Tucson Basin: Archaeological Excavations at the Julian Wash Site, AZ BB:13:17 (ASM) – Part 2 (AP40-2)

Results of large-scale excavations conducted by Desert Archaeology, Inc., personnel in 2000, at the Julian Wash site, AZ BB:13:17 (ASM), are reported in two volumes. This is the second of the two volumes. Data recovery focused on portions of the site that were to be directly impacted by construction of the new highway interchange, while portions of the site not impacted were set aside as preserves later incorporated into a regional park. Excavations focused on four areas with concentrations of prehistoric cultural features. The investigations resulted in the partial or complete excavation of 244 features: 90 pit structures or possible structures, 35 human burial features from a single cemetery, and 119 extramural features. Over 59,000 artifacts were collected in addition to hundreds of soil, mineral, pollen, radiocarbon, and archaeomagnetic samples. Most of the features were prehistoric, ranging in age from the Late Cienega phase (400 B.C.-A.D. 50) to the Late Rincon phase (A.D. 1100-1150), although a small Historic era ditch and single modern dog and modern cat burials were also uncovered.

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Part 2: Synthetic Studies
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Edited by Henry D. Wallace

Contributions by: Lane Anderson Beck, James M. Heidke, Gary Huckleberry, Elizabeth J. Miksa, Henry D. Wallace

214 pages, 41 figures, 49 tables

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