A Good Place to Live for More Than 12,000 Years (ASW 28-2) (PDF)

Issue editor: Todd W. Bostwick

Today, people relocate to Sedona and Oak Creek for the breathtaking views and agreeable climate. But archaeology shows us that, because of its reliable water supply and varied ecology, central Arizona’s Verde Valley has drawn residents for more than 120 centuries. Researchers have found numerous projectile points of Paleoindians and Archaic hunter-gatherers, and the sites of agriculturalists identified as the Southern Sinagua (ca. A.D. 600–1425) are scattered throughout the region. Hohokam cultural materials are also present in lowland sites dating between 800 and 1125, indicating that groups from southern Arizona moved into the Verde Valley and coexisted with the Sinagua, or that some Sinagua groups adopted Hohokam practices. Yavapai and Apache groups have lived in the region for many centuries, and the Hopi maintain close ties to this culturally diverse landscape. Contributors to this issue of Archaeology Southwest Magazine provide a closer look at archaeology in Arizona’s Verde Valley.


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In this issue:

A Good Place to Live for More Than 12,000 Years: Archaeology in Arizona’s Verde Valley — Todd W. Bostwick

Pioneering Late Nineteenth-Century Archaeologists in the Verde Valley — Steven R. James and Peter J. Pilles Jr.

Verde Valley Pit Structures: Variations through Time — Stewart Deats

The Mindeleff Cavate Site — Susan D. Hall

Sinagua Farming Methods Revealed — Jerome P. Ehrhardt

In Brief: The Camp Verde Meteorite — Kenneth J. Zoll

In Brief: Living Artifacts in the Verde Valley — Wendy C. Hodgson and Andrew M. Salywon

The Verde Salt Mine — Todd W. Bostwick and Nancy Jo Chabot

Southern Sinagua Sunwatching Methods in the Verde Valley— Kenneth J. Zoll

Ancient Rock Art of the Verde Valley — Peter J. Pilles Jr.

Verde Valley Archaeology in Macroregional Context — David R. Wilcox

A Delicate Balance — Matthew C. Guebard

The Verde Valley Archaeology Center — James Graceffa and Todd W. Bostwick

The Future of Verde Valley Archaeology — Peter J. Pilles Jr.

Back Sight — William H. Doelle