Digital Class Packets for Educators

Textbooks are expensive and static. Give your students affordable access to a variety of dynamic expert perspectives through Archaeology Southwest Magazine. Teach from individual magazine issues, or bundle multiple issues into one inexpensive downloadable purchase by building your Digital Class Packet with us.

What is a Digital Class Packet?

Created in collaboration with educators, Digital Class Packets are a service we offer to students to help promote Preservation Archaeology in the classroom. Each Digital Class Packet is a downloadable bundle of up to 30 past issues of Archaeology Southwest Magazine, making it possible for you to share a variety of articles, perspectives, and insights across a number of back issues for one low cost to your students. Each Digital Class Packet can be custom-made for your course and costs only $10 for students to download.

View a Sample Packet

Is it right for you?

The Digital Class Packet is perfect for Preservation Archaeology-minded educators who are looking for an inexpensive and engaging textbook replacement. Your custom selection of Archaeology Southwest Magazines will introduce your students to the major themes and concepts of Southwestern archaeology while conveying the past’s many values, perspectives, and preservation challenges. By grounding your students in a Preservation Archaeology ethic and exposing them to a diversity of authors, you will be helping to prepare them for the future of archaeology and advocacy in the Southwest.

How does it work?

Creating your Digital Class Packet is easy—just follow these three steps to set your students up with a semester’s worth of engaging content.

1) Choose your magazines.
Choose magazines from our introductory packet bundle, or build your own packet from scratch with up to 30 magazines. View all of our available magazine back issues here.

Need help finding related materials? Visit our Introduction to Southwestern Archaeology 101 guide to help you locate content related to your topics and interests.

2) Share your selections with us.
Once you’ve selected your magazines, simply email us your list of magazine back issues (name and volume #), your course number, and expected student count at least 3 weeks before your course starts. From here, we’ll get you set up with a link to your custom Digital Class Packet in our online bookstore.

3) Share the custom link to your Digital Class Packet.
At the start of your semester, share your custom link to your Digital Class Packet with your students. Your students can choose to download the packet on its own for only $10, or include a digital student membership with Archaeology Southwest for just $10 more.

After making their purchase, your students will receive a bookstore account and email linking to all of the magazines in your custom Digital Class Packet bundle.

What do students think?

Student testimonials:

“Especially in this uncertain climate of threat to cultural and historical preservation, [Archaeology Southwest] is providing a valuable resource so that people can continue to emphasize the utmost importance of the people that came before us and their history.”

“I have nothing but praise for [Archaeology Southwest Magazine]. I’m sure the intent of the magazine was to reach a wide range of readers and I can attest that I believe this to be accurate, especially when comparing peer-reviewed articles assigned.”

Archaeology Southwest Magazine has created a suitable textbook…for extremely little charge to the student. In doing so, not only are they helping to further knowledge of local Southwestern Archaeology, and teach the next generation of archaeologists, but also to further awareness of the issues of conservation and cultural identity.”

“I very much enjoyed the material presented in the Archaeology Southwest Magazine. The magazine was full of interesting material and each section was written by archaeologists that studied and mastered that particular area and subsection of that area. You never read an article that wasn’t written by a professional that mastered their knowledge on the subject presented.”


If you have any questions, or if you’d like to see a sample packet, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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