Archeologist, Tonto National Monument


An Eighteen-Month Archeologist Position Based at Tonto National Monument

Title: Archeologist

Location: Tonto National Monument, Arizona. The position will be hired by Tucson-based Archaeology Southwest. The successful candidate will live in the Globe to Payson area and will work at Tonto National Monument.

Salary: $44,740

Classification: Exempt

Application Deadline: Applications will be reviewed upon receipt.

Position Start Date: As soon as possible

Benefits: Paid Time Off (200 hours), health insurance, vision plan, optional dental plan (50% subsidized), 401k plan with 20 percent employer match, life insurance, short-term and long-term disability insurance.

About Archaeology Southwest

Archaeology Southwest practices a holistic, conservation-based approach to exploring and protecting heritage places and landscapes. Archaeology Southwest is committed to respectfully engaging with American Indian Tribal governments and communities. In our workplace and activities, we are striving for inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, and identity. For more information, please visit

Position Overview

  • Performance Goals – This project provides critical information on archeological sites necessary for decreasing deferred maintenance to Maintained Archeological Sites, advancing research, and planning and implementing post-fire recovery strategies following the Woodbury Fire.
  • Project Objectives –
    • Work with National Park Service (NPS) and Archaeology Southwest (ASW) staff on archeological projects, site monitoring, preservation treatments, and research at Tonto National Monument.
    • Implement a newly developed site monitoring strategy, plan post-fire survey, site mapping, and stabilization treatments.
    • Coordinate with partners to incorporate recent research into archeological projects.
    • Support research and public archeology efforts through the development of factsheets, interpretive content, scopes of work, and final reports.

Position Description

Tonto National Monument (TONT) was established to preserve, protect, and interpret archeological sites, including Salado cliff dwellings, and the natural resources of the Upper Sonoran ecosystem. There are 96 archeological sites in the park representing over 10,000 years of human habitation. In 2019 the Woodbury Fire burnt 88% of the park, including most of the Monument’s 96 archeological sites. Although the majority of the Maintained Archeological Sites were in “Good” condition, the Woodbury Fire has now created the need for the establishment of a new baseline. Rapid post-fire condition assessments were completed immediately following the fire, which documented the severity of archeological site condition and resulted in some temporary preservation treatments. Recovery from the fire is ongoing and requires more comprehensive site condition assessments, evaluation of post-fire treatment effectiveness, preservation treatments, and planning for critical survey and potential data recovery.

The chosen incumbent will serve as an Archeologist in support of the continuing collaboration between the National Park Service (NPS) and Archaeology Southwest (ASW) to protect, preserve, and interpret TONT’s archeological sites. This position will serve as a valuable member of the Resource Management Team at TONT as a participant in site monitoring, preservation, and research. While stationed at TONT and during occasional travel to Tucson, the position will coordinate with ASW staff to contribute to ongoing research and planning. TONT and ASW staff will provide the individual with mentorship and guidance throughout project activities and planning.

This critical and time-sensitive work will occur in two phases. Phase 1 will address short-term impacts to archeological sites resulting from the Woodbury Fire, while initiating planning for long-term impacts. This work includes continuation of post-fire site assessments and the installation of minor stabilization treatments. This phase involves the implementation of a newly developed site monitoring plan, survey to record newly discovered sites, and the initial planning of Phase 2 work.

Phase 2 includes the implementation of more complex and extensive preservation treatments with the objective being to address long-term impacts to archeological sites resulting from the Woodbury Fire. This work may involve drainage improvements, repair of eroded/damaged mortar, revegetation, soil stabilization, and data recovery, and analysis of materials recovered by such activities as outlined in the research design associated with the new site monitoring plan. This position will support the production of crucial photography, planimetric maps, site-specific scopes of work, and final reports.

This project supports the park’s responsibility to protect and preserve archeological sites under the NPS Organic Act, as well as National Historic Preservation Act Section 110 responsibilities to identify, evaluate and nominate properties to the National Register of Historic Places. Selected information from this project will be used to develop interpretive content highlighting the impacts of fire and NPS management strategies to mitigate fire-related impacts. The results of this project, particularly short-term objectives, will be developed into interpretive programs and into “fact sheets” and other content that will be shared via visual media, digital platforms, and presentations to resource managers and preservation archeologists. 


  • Educational background (minimum B.S. or B.A. in anthropology or archaeology)
  • Previous field experience in both archaeological survey and excavation—preferably two years or more
  • Communication, research, and task-management skills
  • Personal commitment to heritage preservation or environmental conservation
  • Life experience in an Indigenous community is desirable, but not required

To apply, please submit a current resume and a list of three individuals (along with their contact information) who are familiar with your educational background and previous field experience.

Applications are to be submitted by email to

Brian Williams, Director of Operations

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