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How Did People Make and Use Stone Tools?
Experience the ancient art of flintknapping. Join Allen Denoyer for his Hands-On Archaeology class this Saturday morning, October 1. more >>
For three decades, Archaeology Southwest has practiced a holistic, conservation-based approach to exploring the places of the past. We call this Preservation Archaeology. By exploring what makes a place special, sharing this knowledge in innovative ways, and enacting flexible site protection strategies, we foster meaningful connections to the past and respectfully safeguard its irreplaceable resources. more »

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Preservation Archaeology:
Hands-On Archaeology: How to Find Good Tool Stone
Flakeable Rock
Allen Denoyer, Preservation Archaeologist and Ancient Technologies Expert (September 28, 2016)—I often have people ask me how to find good stone to flintknap. It’s not easy. [...] more »

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    Archaeology Café (Tucson): Cities and Settlements, Past and Present
    October 4, 2016 5:30 pm

    Dr. Michael Smith (ASU) joins us for our October Archaeology Café. This season’s theme is “Connections.” Mike will share what he and others are learning from their transdisciplinary urbanism project. Archaeology Café is an informal forum where adults can learn more about the Southwest’s deep history and speak directly to experts. We have based Archaeology […]

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    Pilot Pithouse
    Second Saturday at Steam Pump Ranch
    October 8, 2016 9:00 am

    Visit with Archaeology Southwest’s ancient technology expert, Allen Denoyer, at Oro Valley’s 2nd Saturday Events at Steam Pump Ranch. Allen will demonstrate how ancient people made stone tools and discuss work on our experimental Hohokam pithouse.

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