Who We Are: Staff

Jeffery J. Clark

Jeffery (Jeff) Clark has been a preservation archaeologist at Archaeology Southwest for ten years. He received both his Ph.D. (1997) and M.A. (1990) from the University of Arizona and his B.A. (1983) from Cornell University. Dr. Clark has spent the past 20 years conducting research in the Tonto Basin, the San Pedro Valley, and the Safford Basin of central and southern Arizona. During the 1990s, he supervised large contract projects funded by the Bureau of Reclamation and the Arizona Department of Transportation in the Tonto Basin as a project director for Desert Archaeology, Inc. In addition to the American Southwest, he has worked extensively in Southwest Asia, including excavations in Israel, Syria, and Iraq. Dr. Clark’s research has focused on assessing the scale and impact of human migration.

Jeffery’s Curriculum Vitae

Contact Jeff by email or at (520) 882-6946.

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