Who We Are: Staff

Douglas W. Gann, Ph.D.

Doug has more than 25 years of experience in archaeological fieldwork, research, and public interpretation. His Master’s thesis focused on the use of form-molded adobe brick architecture by ancestral Hopi prior to its re-introduction by the Spaniards. His doctoral dissertation explored the implications of space syntax theory in the archaeological analysis of social uses of space. As a graduate student, Doug pursued fieldwork at numerous sites in the Southwest, as well as Ecuador, Armenia, and the eastern seaboard of the United States. More recently, Doug has been working to preserve and interpret the site of Casa Malpais National Historic Landmark.

As Archaeology Southwest’s chief Digital Media Specialist, Doug develops applications from a diverse set of new media tools for interactive exhibit design and archaeological interpretation. He has created numerous interactive museum exhibits and three-dimensional computer models, including the interactive exhibit Rio Nuevo, Rio Viejo: 10,000 Years of Tucson History, which is on display at the Arizona Historical Society. This exhibits highlight Doug’s research on three-dimensional reconstructions of the San Agustín mission and the Tucson Presidio. Dr Gann is currently finishing the development of Chronological Virtual Reality (CVR), a tool for building digital exhibits for archaeology, utilizing virtual reality to share reconstructions and visualizations through space and time.  The first exhibit built via the CVR, Chaco’s Legacy,  is currently on display at Aztec Ruins National Monument and Salmon Ruins State Park, with mobile versions soon to be released for IOS and Android phones.

Doug also assists with website planning and design for Archaeology Southwest; edits Southwest Archaeology Today, Archaeology Southwest’s electronic archaeological news service; and serves as host and moderator of Archaeology Café, Archaeology Southwest’s monthly community discussion forum.

Contact Doug by email or by telephone at (520) 882-6946.

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