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Bears Ears

Archaeology Southwest Opposes Zinke Recommendations on Bears Ears

Our commitment to celebrating Bears Ears National MonumentĀ and protecting it from diminishment is undiminished. more...

Bears Ears

A Resolution of the Board of Directors for Archaeology Southwest in opposition to any efforts to revoke or diminish Bears Ears National Monument

The Board of Directors for Archaeology Southwest remains fully and actively committed to defending the Antiquities Act of 1906, Bears Ears National Monument, and our national monuments as originally designated. more...

Lewis in Leiden

Borck Joins Faculty of Leiden University

Archaeology Southwest is pleased to announce that Lewis Borck will be joining the Faculty of Archaeology at Universiteit Leiden. more...

Bears Ears

Archaeology Southwest Stands with the Antiquities Act

Statement by Archaeology Southwest President and CEO William Doelle. more...

Bears Ears

Archaeology Organizations Ask Interior Secretary to Support Bears Ears

Scientific resources, cultural heritage and economic development are at stake. more...

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