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Feasibility Study for the Santa Cruz Valley Heritage Area

Archaeology Southwest has completed the Feasibility Study for the Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Area. It is posted here in PDF format for public review. Click on any section title below to access it for viewing or printing.

Study Cover
Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Background
2. Proposed Concept
3. Supporting Resources

Chapter 4 is a large download (17 megabytes). You may download the entire file or smaller sections posted below the main file.
4. Interpretive Themes and Related Resources (entire chapter)
4A. Introduction: Interpretive Themes

4B1. Sky Islands and Desert Seas (large file)
4B2. Biological Corridors
4C. Streams in the Desert
4D. Bird Habitats and Migration Corridors
4E. Native American Lifeways (11,000 B.C. to Present)
4F. Spanish and Mexican Frontier (1680-1854)

4G. Desert Farming (2000 B.C. to Present)
4H. Ranching Traditions (1680 to Present)
4I. Mining Booms (1680 to Present)
4J. United States Military Posts on Mexico Border (1856 to Present)
4K. United States-Mexico Border Culture
5. Potentials for Developing Heritage and Nature Tourism

6. Plan for Management Entity
7. Conceptual Financial Plan
8. Evaluation According to Federal Criteria
9. Conceptual Alternatives
10. Vision Statement

A. Descriptions of Important Historic Properties
B. Descriptions of Important Archaeological Sites
(not included; contains sensitive information)
C. Descriptions of Important Archaeological Site Clusters
(not included; contains sensitive information)
D. Participants in the Working Group
E. Endorsements
F. Draft of Designation Bill

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