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Social Identity in the Northern San Juan

Archaeology Southwest Magazine Vol. 24, No. 3
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Issue editor: Paul Reed, Archaeology Southwest (formerly the Center for Desert Archaeology)

Yellow Jacket Pueblo, Photographed by Adriel Hesiey
The study of social identity has emerged as an important issue in Southwestern archaeological research, as scholars replace outdated culture area concepts such as Anasazi, Mogollon, Hohokam, or Sinagua with a more sophisticated understanding of the social roles, interactions, and migrations of ancient peoples. This issue of Archaeology Southwest Magazine examines the topic of social identity in the context of the Upper San Juan basin by examining a variety of current research projects located in this fascinating region.

Issue Highlights and New Media Content

Social Identity in the Northern San Juan — Paul Reed, Center for Desert Archaeology

Paul Reed presents " The Diversity and Complexity of Chaco Canyon" Digital Video – Paul Reed presents “The Diversity and Complexity of Chaco Canyon”
This Content Requires Google Earth Google Earth Model of Salmon Pueblo

Digital Resources for Further Research

This content will open in a new window The Chaco Research Archive
CDARC video - Gwinn Vivian presents "Living in Chaco - Interpreting Chaco" Digital Video – Gwinn Vivian presents “Living in Chaco, Interpreting Chaco”
Ceramics of the Northern San Juan Region

The Village Ecodynamics Project — Mark D. Varien and Scott G. Ortman, Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, and Timothy A. Kohler, Washington State University

Power Polity and Identity in the Northern San Juan — Stephen H. Lekson, University of Colorado, Boulder

Landscape Use, Corn Ecology and Identity in the Upper San Juan — Benjamin A. Bellorado, Abajo Archaeology and Winston Hurst, Inc.

Social Identity in an Early Village Setting — James J. Potter, SWCA Environmental Consultants

Social Orthodoxy in the Chimney Rock Great House Community — Jason Chuipka and Jerry Fetterman, Woods Canyon Archaeological Consultants

Chimney Rock, Chaco Canyon, and the Local Community — Brenda K. Todd, University of Colorado, Boulder

This content will open in a new window Archaeological Reconstruction of Chimney Rock Pueblo by Dennis Holloway

Bluff: A Borderlands Great House — Catherine M. Cameron, University of Colorado, Boulder

Rising Above: Pueblo III Towers and Social Identity in the Northern San Juan — Alison Bredthauer, University of Colorado, Boulder

Tri-Wall Structures of the San Juan Basin (coming soon)

Social Identity and Environment in Late Pueblo III Communities in the Northern San Juan — Kirsten A. Kuckelman, Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

Illuminating Relationships Between Northern San Juan and Northern Rio Grande Identities — Scott G. Ortman, Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

Back Sight — William H. Doelle, Center for Desert Archaeology


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