Excavations in the Southern Avra Valley: Results of the SAVSARP Project (TR2008-7 PDF)

The Southern Avra Valley Storage and Recovery Project (SAVSARP) project examined three sites, AZ AA:16:312 (ASM, AZ AA:16:468 (ASM) and AZ AA:16:469 (ASM), and a non-artifact concentration, Locality A, on the floor of the Avra Valley.

Though the introduction of agriculture may have fostered some horticulture in the area, agriculture never seems to have been the main reason people visited East Brawley Wash. Rather, natural plant resources appear to have been the primary motivation and these resources, predictable and plentiful, drew people for millennia.


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Edited by: Michael W. Lindeman

Contributions by: Jenny L. Adams, Owen K. Davis, Michael W. Diehl, Gary Huckleberry, Michael W. Lindeman, Stacy L. Ryan, Jennifer A. Waters, Helga Wöcherl

97 pages, 38 figures, 24 tables